Top 5 Best Saw Blade Lubricant For Woodworking Projects

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A saw blade life is one of the most important in a woodworker’s arsenal. That means that saw blades are also subject to wear and tear, which can lead to problems down the line if they’re not properly cared for. One way you can make sure your saw blades are always at their best is by using lubrication after every few cuts. Learn more about our recommendations for the best saw blade lubricant here!

best saw blade lubricant

Olson Saw Blade Lubricant StickOlson Saw Blade Lubricant Stick
  • Prolong blade life.
  • Give smooth cuts.
  • Stick weight is only 0.422 ounces.
  • wax will flow when the blade is warm.
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Bostik BladeCote (formerly DriCote)Bostik BladeCote (formerly DriCote)
  • Extends overall blade life.
  • Keep the blade sharp.
  • Reducing blade cleanings
  • Considerably less friction
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Relton Sawing Lubricating Stick WaxRelton Sawing Lubricating Stick Wax
  • Wax weight is only 14.5 ounces.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Extend blade life.
  • Reduce friction quickly.
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AGS Cut-Ease Cutting Lubricant StickAGS Cut-Ease Cutting Lubricant Stick
  • Keep the blade cool.
  • Give clean cuts.
  • Prevents burring.
  • Safe for use on plastics and metals.
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Ashburn Wax Stick Cutting LubricantAshburn Wax Stick Cutting Lubricant
  • It’s a multi-purpose stick.
  • Wax melting on heat.
  • Safe for the environment.
  • Made in United States.
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Do you need a saw blade lubricant?

In a word, yes. Saw blades need to be lubricated in order to reduce friction and heat buildup while they are cut for prolongs blade life. This is especially important for cutting metal saw blades, as the high temperatures can quickly damage or destroy the blade life.

What constitutes the blade lubricant?

There is no one best saw blade petroleum oil. While there are many lubes that can work well for this purpose, it’s important to choose the best one based on what you’re cutting and how often you need to use your blades.

For instance, if you don’t cut metal very much then an oil-based product might be best suited for your needs as it is best for wood and similar wet woods. On the other hand, if you do a lot of woodcuts then a water-soluble lubricant might be best as it lasts longer when exposed to high heat levels.

Olson Saw AC70010 Saw Blade Lubricant Stick

Best Saw Blade Lubricant

Saw cutters are expensive and hard to replace. So you need the best lubricant for woodworking machines. This can be especially frustrating when you know that the blade could have lasted longer if it wasn’t for all of those annoying chips and pitches in the wood. 

Olson saw blade lubricant stick is here to solve this problem! With a simple paste wax application, your saw blades will last much longer than they would without any protection at all.

In fact, with just one application of this metal band saw lubricant, you’ll get up to 5 times more life out of your current blade! We’re so sure about this that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on our product!

  • It Prolongs blade life.
  • This wax stick is specially formulated.
  • The wax will flow when the saw blade becomes warm
  • It does not help your saw blade clean.
  • Apply only bandsaw blade.

Bostik BladeCote (formerly DriCote) 10.75 oz

Best Saw Blade Lubricant

Saw blades and router bits dull quickly, which means more time sharpening them. This costs you time and money. Blade Cote is a water-based light coat that protects your saw cutters from resin buildup, reducing the need for frequent cleanings and prolonging the life of your blade.

It also makes cutting easier with less bump – so you can get more done in less time! One application of Blade Cote will dramatically extend the life of your saw cutters by up to 3 times or more! Just apply it directly on top of sanded edges after every few cuts no special equipment is required.

Apply it to router bits too for double protection against resin build-up! Our product is completely safe on all materials including steel, carbide, aluminum & even wood. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee because we know how much this product will help save you time & money in the long run! 

  • It Extends the overall life of blades.
  • Considerably less friction.
  • It may reduce the cutting sound.
  • Liquid came out in a small stream rather than a spray.
  • The spray cap clogs after 3-4 uses.

Relton Sawing and Cutting Lubricating Stick Wax

Best Saw Blade Lubricant

Have a hard time cutting through your material? The blade is dull, or the sawing wheel is no longer smooth.  You can spend hundreds of dollars on new tools, but you don’t want to waste money when all you need is some petroleum oils for your blades and wheels.

This problem applies to both woodworkers and carpenters alike. Relton circular saw blade wax is a wax-based product designed specifically for this purpose.

It protects against rust as well as wear on both grinding wheels and sanding belts while extending their life span by reducing rubbing during the operation of the machine in question whether it’s an angle grinder or circular saw blade, for example making them last longer than if left unprotected from oxidation (rust). 

  • Its weight is only 14.5 ounces.
  • It gives you smooths cutting.
  • Its size 1 x 1 x 1 inches.
  • You may not get any warranty.
  • The wax is Not as soft as a candle.

AGS Cut-Ease Cutting Lubricant Stick

Best Saw Blade Lubricant

Cutting and drilling metal is hard work. The rubbing caused by the cutting process generates a lot of heat, which can cause your drill to overheat and break or dull your new blade teeth. 

Even worse, this heat build-up can also cause binding in your tools so that they don’t move freely through the material you’re working on.

This makes it harder to cut smoothly and cleanly, leading to burrs around the edges of whatever you’re trying to create. AGS Cut-Ease solves these problems by reducing the gap between your tool and what you are drilling through.

It’s made from 100% synthetic oil with no solvents or silicone additives that could damage sensitive metals like aluminum alloys and titanium (which most other lubricants do). This means less wear on both the tool itself as well as whatever you are trying to cut/drill into, resulting in cleaner cuts every time!

  • Safe for use on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Eliminates heat build-up.
  • Its weight is only 1.12 pounds.
  • You may not get any warranty.
  • The price is a little high.

Ashburn Wax Stick Cutting Lubricant

Best Saw Blade Lubricant

Drilling holes in concrete is hard. The drill bits wear down quickly and the process can be very messy. Ashburn Chemical-E-6001 Wax Stick Cutting Lubricant solves all of these problems by extending tap and drill life, improving the finish & size, while being safe for the environment. 

Ashburn Chemical-E-6001 paste Wax Stick Cutting Lubricant is a cutting lubricant that has been specially formulated to extend tap and drill life when used with masonry drills on concrete applications.

When applied as directed it will greatly improve your drilling ability while also delivering superior results in terms of hole quality and overall work efficiency. Its easy-to-use formula makes it ideal for regular DIY users or professionals alike!

  • That reduces blade friction.
  • It extends Tap and Drill Life.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • You may not get any warranty.
  • It comes with a push tube.

How to choose the best saw blade lubricant?

The best way to choose the best band saw blade lube for your project is by reading through some of the best-selling and top-rated products online in order to get an idea about what other people are saying about them. This will give you a good starting point as to what might work best for you.

Smooth Cuts: Using the tools blade lube is a quick and easy way to improve your woodworking projects. It also reduces wear on blades which makes them last longer than they would without it. There are several different types of the best miter saw blade lubricants available for you to try out, so read some reviews before buying one in order to make sure you’re getting the best product for your needs.

Rust prevention: Saw blade lubricants also help to prevent rust on your blades and grinding wheels, which can cause damage over time. Look for a product that is specifically designed for this purpose in order to get the best results.

Ease of use: Some best tool blade lubricants come in the form of sticks or liquids that you can apply with a brush or cloth. You’ll want to choose the best wood blade oil that is easy to use and doesn’t leave behind any residue or mess after you’re done with your project.

Environmental safety: Some best band saw blade oils are made from environmentally-friendly products which can be safer for the environment as well as be easier on sensitive plastic and metals such as titanium and aluminum alloys. Look for the best blade oils that are safe to use and won’t damage your tools or projects.

Keep blade cool: The best bandsaw blade lubricant will help to keep your blade cool while you’re working, which can prolong the life of your drill and prevent it from overheating. Choose a product that is specifically designed for this purpose in order to get the best results.


The Olson Saw AC70010 Saw Blade Lubricant Stick is a great saw sharp blade oil. It has three main ingredients that make it work well, which are Teflon (a type of silicone), graphite powder, and paraffin paste wax. These help to reduce rubbing on the teeth’ side of your blades, making them last longer.

This stick also comes with an applicator tip for easy application in hard-to-reach places like the inside dovetails or tight joints where you need to apply more pressure than usual during cutting.

Should you lubricate saw blades?

Yes, most bands saw blades used in carpentry or metal plastic working industries must be lubricated with a cutting fluid to reduce wear and tear. In addition to reducing wear and tear on the blade, the cutting fluid also minimizes friction between the blade and any material being cut, therefore permitting a smoother cut without binding.

Always use a cutting fluid at all times when operating a table saw with a metal blade for optimum performance. Metal blades tend to require more frequent cleaning than wood blades, as they operate with higher levels of friction which causes them to quickly generate more heat from friction.

In order to avoid overheating, lubricate your table saws combo as often as you remember as well as every 10 minutes of continuous operation if.

Can you use WD-40 on saw blades?

As a general rule, WD40 shouldn’t be used for metal because it can corrode your blade. The best thing you can do to make the table saw cut more smoothly is to take a few minutes to sharpen your blade teeth.

If you’re feeling gutsy though, the keyword here is lube not WD-40 so go ahead and give it a try! In general, spraying liquid lubricant onto an applicator that dispenses said liquid onto the surface of the blade teeth should suffice as this will still lubricate and cool down any heated surfaces from contact with other blades/materials during work.

It’s also worth mentioning that using a separate spray bottle containing water might help clean contaminants from soiled cutting sites on blades if necessary.

Why is it important to use lubricant when using the blade?

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This damage can lead to calluses on a person’s face and razor burn. These problems can typically be avoided by using some sort of lubricant from water to cream.

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