Dewalt DWX723 VS DWX724 Miter Saw Stand

Which dwx723 vs dwx724 miter saw stand is the better choice? This article will compare and contrast Dewalt dwx723 vs dwx724, looking at their pros, and cons. We’ll also discuss what we like about each one. The end result should give you a pretty good idea of which one you want to buy!

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Dewalt DWX724 Vs DWX723 Features

Dewalt DWX723
Dewalt DWX724
Dewalt DWX723
Dewalt DWX724
Item Weight
Item Weight
35 lbs
29.8 lbs
151 x 9 x 32 inches
‎32 x 100 x 11.5 inches
Materials Capacity
Materials Capacity
Up to 500 lbs
Up to 500 lbs
Product Materials
Product Materials
Lightweight aluminum
Lightweight aluminum
3 Years Limited
3 Years Limited

Do you need a miter saw?

If you do, then there’s a good chance that you’ll need some sort of stand to go with it. If you’re working on-site or in the middle of nowhere, having your saw mounted onto a contractor-style miter saw stand is going to be best for portability and convertible work supports.

But if space isn’t at such a premium where you are, you might want to consider a bench-style miter saw stand. They’re usually more stable and durable than their contractor counterparts, but they do take up quite a bit of room in your workshop or storage area.

Features of DWX723 and DWX724

Both Dewalt DWX miter saw stands are designed to hold miter saws measuring up to 12 inches. They also offer telescoping extension arms that will extend the platform height of your miter saw stand by an extra three feet, giving you a total work area height range of eight-and-a-half feet all the way up to thirteen feet.

DEWALT DWX723 Miter Saw Stand Review

DWX723 VS DWX724

When you are working on a job site, it’s important to be able to move your tools around quickly. This DWX723 miter saw stand from DEWALT is great for transporting tools because it folds down into a small size that makes carrying easy. 

The DWX723 saw stand is a very well compact design to work with all miter saws and its lightweight aluminum construction where you need it when setting up or moving around during work. It even comes with an adjustable tool tray so that all of your tools will have their own place when they are in transit!

  • High weight capacity up to 500lbs.
  • The beam is 5.5 feet long.
  • Two mounting brackets.
  • Non-marring feet.
  • Foldable legs.
  • 3 years warranty
  • Shorter length capacity compared to DWX723.
  • Does not have wheels.

DEWALT DWX724 Miter Saw Stand Review

DWX723 VS DWX724

Miter saws are powerful tools that require a stand to support them. This Dewalt miter saw stand is designed to work with all brands of miter saws, and its lightweight aluminum construction allows for easy transport from job site to job site.

The 40-inch beam extends up to 10 feet long, which supports up to 500lbs of weight. It also folds for easy storage when not in use. Another great feature of this miter saw stand is the ability to adjust the height so you can cut at any angle without having your material fall off or get damaged by falling onto the ground.

You can even store accessories on top so they’re right where you need them when you need them! The DEWALT DWX724 Universal Saw Stand gives users everything they could want from a miter saw stand while being universal enough that it will work with almost any brand out there!

  • legs are resistant to scratches.
  • Universal compact design.
  • Weight capacity up to 500 pounds.
  • Fast and easy setup.
  • Two mounting brackets.
  • Folding legs.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • Shorter length capacity compared to DWX723.
  • Does not have wheels

Similar Features DWX723 vs DWX724

They also both feature are same and feet on the tool for easy movement during bed for transport or setup, as well as an adjustable height platform.

Design and Material Construction

One of the first things you’ll notice about these miter saw stands is that they are very similar in size. But while both are lightweight aluminum with strong construction, universal design, and telescoping extension lock levers, there are some small differences worth noting.

Which makes it easier to transport or fit into storage if you’re not using it on a regular basis. It also folds up quicker since all of its components can be folded without having to remove any bolts or screws.

Weight Capacity and Folding

Both the DEWALT DWX723 and DWX724 can hold a maximum weight capacity up to 500 pounds on their adjustable rails. Both stands also fold up neatly for storage and transport. While both mounts can be folded without tools by compressing their telescoping legs, the DWX723 and DWX723 can be folded up with zero tools and takes less than a minute to do.

Extended Tool Height

One of the nice things about having a rolling miter saw stand is that you can adjust it to whatever height suits your needs. Both the DWX723 and DWX724 can extend height up to 32 inches. Both products extended beam is also limited extendable.

Price and Warranty

The DWX723 and DWX724 are both products affordable price options for anyone looking to invest in a good miter saw stand. It also comes with the standard DEWALT warranty and guarantees that your product will be free from defects or workmanship problems for three years, as well as a one-year free service contract.

Difference Features DWX723 vs DWX724

It’s amazing how little the DWX723 and DWX724 differ. And while they may seem nearly identical on paper, there are some important features that distinguish them:


The DW723 miter saw stand is slightly more massive than the DWX724, but both are lightweight designs enough for portability. The heavier model with a weight of 35 pounds versus 29.8 lbs., offers better balance when lifting or carrying it around your home/office space in order to use its advanced features!


The difference between the two models is clear when you look at their beam extensions length. The DWX723 model has a 5.5 feet long beamed shaft and materials measuring capacity up to 10 feet respectively from another stand. On the other hand, DWX724 has 3.4 feet shorter beams and can handle materials measuring up to 16 feet in length.

Folded Tool Size

The DWX723 and DWX724 are both 6-inch height models, but they do have some differences. The folded tool width for the 7-inch model is 70 inches while it’s 44″ in length with an 8 inch. Both have shorter widths when compared with other models.


When it comes to choosing a miter saw stand, weight is an important factor. The DWX723 universal stand design will give you ultimate comfort while working on the DeWALT model.

Because of its extra-comfortable cushioning system that doesn’t bounce with every cut but rather cradles your body for stability and support during long online sessions or large wood projects like cabinets!

However if portability matters most then consider getting one of these lightweight Deluxes – they’re perfect as backpacking tools since their famous build quality means less strain when carrying them around all day long.

Can I use the footpads from the DWX723 DEWALT Miter Saw Stand?

Yes, you can use foot pads! Some of the components of these models are interchangeable. The footpads that come with this specific model are compatible with the DWX723 and DWX724.

Both work great for carpenters who need to kneel down while working in tight corners or while making intricate cuts.

Are dewalt dwx723 miter saw stand good?

The answer is yes. The DWX723 and 724 are great additions to anyone’s workshop. From their slim and lightweight design and comfortable cushioning system!

Because of those features, they’re easy to transport; even when they’re used as a miter saw stand, or as a worktable for crown molding installation.

The adjustable height of the platform is also a plus since it adds to both models’ portability and stability.

How did Dewalt dwx723 miter see stand parts work?

The Dewalt DWX723 and DWX724 are both workhorse machines. They offer a lot of high-quality features that have been carefully designed to provide users with stability, comfort, and durability!

To achieve the perfect work condition, pay attention to the following:

  • Padded rubber feet for support that does not slip nor move around.
  • Supporting leg lock levers that can be locked into place for a secure foundation to work on!
  • Quick-release miter saw arm that extends up to 4 feet long and 1-inch width, foldable arms design with secure locking pin, dust bag/collector hook
  • And adjustable height cutting platform from 24 inches to 33.5 inches for convenience.

Where get Dewalt dwx723 miter saw stand manual?

You can download the Dewalt DWX723 and 724 manuals for free from the DeWALT website. If you call Dewalt customer care they will provide you instructions.

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