Upgrade Your Miter Saw With Best Miter Saw Fence System

Can you imagine doing the woodworks without a miter saw? No, right? Then how about you upgrade your miter saw a bit? Are you thinking about how you can do that? 

Well, you can add a miter saw fence kit to it! Having a good quality control miter saw fence attached to your miter saw will save your time and will provide more accuracy to the cuts you will make with your saw. It is definitely something worthy to invest in.

However, it is quite difficult to find the best fence system when hundreds of them are available in the market. All manufacturers claim to be the best when it comes to branding themselves. 

They present their products in the best possible way to grab customer’s attention. But you obviously can’t trust them 100%. You need to collect information regarding that product from different trusted sites and sources.

But hey! That’s time-consuming. Not everyone has got time to spare. That’s why we have done our research and picked the five best miter saw fence systems that are ruling the market now in 2021. We believe this article will surely be helpful for the carpenters.

A Quick Comparison Between The Fence Systems

In the hassle of our daily life, some readers barely have time to go through the whole article. We have made a quick comparison among the miter fence kit we have picked for you for the ones in a hurry. 

However, we highly recommend checking out all the products we have listed and choosing one according to your preference.


Even though the sole purpose of the miter saw fence kit is to keep the workpiece in place and ensure the accuracy of crown molding cuts, some different fence set up systems are found in the market. Let’s take a look at the types:-

1. DIYMiter Saw Fence System

As the name suggests, a DIY fence kit is made at home rather than being bought from the market. Yes, you can make your own miter saw fence extension. 

It comes at a lower price than the ones that are available in the market. However, it takes much time and also requires technical knowledge.

2. Miter Saw Fence System

It is the most common fence system for a miter saw. Almost all miter saw primary fences are the same, ensuring stability and cutting accuracy along with the carpenter’s safety. 

However, some kits come with some extra features. It’s up to you to decide which one is preferable for your job.

3. Automatic Fence System

It is a general miter saw fence with a digital touch. You don’t have to change the length or angles manually here. All you need to do is, set up the fence system and enter the commands. 

Select the size of the cut and press the start button. It will start cutting already. However, this type of fence system is pricier.

4. Miter Saw Extension Fence

The extensions add a little more extra working area to your regular miter saw fence. If your miter saw is having a problem dealing with larger boards, buy an extension rather than a whole new fence system and add it to your already existing saw fence.

5. Portable Miter Saw Fence System

It depends on your job style whether you need a portable fence system or not. If you are a professional who needs to visit different places for work purposes, you highly need a mobile accurate fence system for a miter saw. Otherwise, you can go for a general one.


As we have said earlier, it is not easy to find the best one when you have hundreds of choices. We tried our best to process all information and data to pick out the best saw fence system for you. 

Take a good look at the information that we have collected about each product and find the one that fits your interest best.

Best Miter Saw Fence System

With a motto to give solutions for any DIY projects, home improvement, and woodworking projects, Kreg has a fantastic reputation for solving the common issues that a carpenter faces almost every day during his work. 

The precision track and stop kit, designed with multiple tracks on the sides and tape measure and stops, makes accurate cuts repeatedly without needing to re-measure every time. 

The model KMS8000 is compatible with almost all kinds of miter saw, which adds more to the reason for choosing it.

Product Specification
Manufacturer Kreg
Model Number KMS8000
Product Dimensions 33 × 9 × 3 inches
Material Aluminum
Weight 6.8 pounds
Color Blue
Cutting Capacity 96 inches (2438mm) minimum
  • It includes four 2-feet lengths, a total of 8 feet of Aluminum track that can be used in the right or left side of the saw or split between the sides.
  • Includes two stops, production stop, and swing stop for production use and swing away functionality.
  • It contains a precision lens cursor that gives a clear view to cut length and allows fast and accurate positioning.
  • The L-shaped base design of the fence allows easy alignment and mounting.
  • It comes with two self-adhesive measuring tapes that measure the cut length correctly on both sides of the saw blade.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Compatible with most miter saws.
  • 96 inches tracks.
  • Two stops- production stop and swing stop.
  • Adjustable stops for repeatable and reliable cuts.
  • Ensure cuts accuracy and precision.
  • Rigid Aluminum fence.
  • It needs perfect alignment while setting multiple tracks to avoid 'jams.'
  • It is a bit pricey.
Best Miter Saw Fence System

JessEm tools are renowned for their superior quality construction and amazing performance. This newly designed 07150 Mite-R-Excel ll is no exception. 

JessEm has redesigned their Mite-R-Excel miter gauge to become everything that a woodworker may need. Its extremely sturdy surface, made of high-quality Sheffield steel from England and Aluminum aims to be durable. 

Along with nine preset detents, a spring-loaded indexing pin, bar snugger, this miter saw fence system is something that you can depend on.

Product Specification
Manufacturer JessEm
Model Number 07150
Product Dimensions 21.7 × 7.9× 4.4 inches
Material Aluminum and stainless steel
Weight 8.78 pounds
Battery Not Required
  • It features nine preset detents that laser marker for easy adjustment at 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30°, and 46° angle.
  • The spring-loaded indexing pin ensures easy, accurate, and precise cuts repeatedly at the most common angles.
  • The adjustable flip stop can be accustomed up to  ¾ inch thick sacrificial sub-fence.
  • The fence extrusion is 20 inches in length, and with the help of a telescoping stop, it can extend up to 36 inches.
  •  It is compatible with standard 3/4 × 3/8 inch miter slots.
  • It features laser-engraved angle measurement to ensure the accuracy of the cuts.
  • Highly durable.
  • It features an adjustable bar snugger in the guide bar to ensure low friction travel.
  • Fence extrusion helps to deal with long and wide boards.
  • Makes accurate cuts and ensures precision.
  • It is quickly resettable.
  • Only compatible with standard miter saws.
  • A little heavy.
  • Quite expensive.
Best Miter Saw Fence System

With a motto to extend your capability and working areas with professionals results, BORA tools always aim to revolve according to customer’s needs. The BORA rip guide with a saw plate for circular saws is a three-part tool kit. 

A tips guide with a handle and a saw plate makes the fence system superior in functionality. It fits perfectly with both WTX and NGX clamp edge systems and ensures accurate cuts.   

Product Specification
Manufacturer Affinity Tool Works
Model Number 544008
Product Dimensions 31.25 × 10.25 × 4 inches
Material Orange Aluminum
Weight 2.4 pounds
Cutting Capacity 60 cm (wide)
Warranty One year
Battery Not Required
  • It features a saw plate that fits most of the left and right-handed saws.
  • It comes with a rip guide with a handle and a 24-inch ruler.
  • This saw fence features an extruded aluminum rail that attaches to the saw place for better and accurate bevel cuts.
  • The horizontal stop allows for a one-time setup.
  • It has low-profile clamps on the front of the sled.
  • Easy to set up.
  • One-time setup and rip guide helps to save time by eliminating the need to measure every time.
  • The large ergonomic grip assures stability.
  • It fits most of the left-handed and right-handed circular saws.
  • No tool is needed to switch from left to right-handed saw.
  • It is portable and easy to carry.
  • It cuts up to 24 inches wide.
  • Not a universal design.
  • May not be compatible with all kind of miter saw.
Best Miter Saw Fence System

POWERTEC is always a trusted name when it comes to power tools. This new three-piece set miter gauge system is designed to help woodworkers deal with the cross cuts, miter cuts accurately, and that too consistently. 

This miter fence system has everything that a carpenter can dream of.

Product Specification
Manufacturer POWERTEC
Model Number 71391
Product Dimensions 4.72 × 3.37 × 25 inches
Material Aluminum
Weight 5.74 pounds
Included Components Table Saw Precision Miter Gauge System with 27 angles stops.
Power Source Hand powered
Battery Not Required
  • It features a table miter gauge, one multi-track fence with 27 angles, and a T-Track flip stop.
  • It comes with 27 angles indexing stops.
  • The miter gauge possesses laser-cut Aluminum construction.
  •  The gauge fits as it is with sacrificial sub-fence or with the included 24×3 inches t-track fence.
  • It features a smooth, laser engraved scale.
  • Miter saw flip stop delivers exceptional cut control.
  • The kit's cost-effective design ensures the precision and accuracy of cuts.
  • The ionized extruded Aluminum structure gives strength and durability.
  • Optimal versatility as a miter gauge fence, table saw sub fence, router, or shaper dance.
  • It fits with standard miter slots with or without t-slots.
  • Exceptional cut length control.
  • The bottom of the plate is plastic.
  • Only works with POWERTEC extrusion.
Best Miter Saw Fence System

As we have already mentioned earlier, POWERTEC always makes tools that make the woodworks super easy and fast. They always tried to upgrade their tools with the newest technology and preferable features. 

The model 71489 was designed to add structure, efficiency, and flexibility to your woodworking projects. Let’s have a look at what this product has to offer.

Product Specification
Manufacturer POWERTEC
Model Number 71489
Product Dimensions 24.1 × 0.8 × 3 inches
Material Aluminum
Weight 2.64 pounds
Included Components Aluminum Multi T-Track Fence With Laser Measure Left to Right, 3” High × 24” Long Multi Track
Style 8 Slots, 24” T-track With Right Measure
Battery Lithium-ion battery
  • It includes a 24 inches multi t-track fence.
  • The t-tracks are laser measured from left to right and spaced apart ¾ inches in the center, with 3/4  inches thickness and 3 inches height.
  • The tracks are high quality and made of corrosion-resistant extruded Aluminum.
  • It is versatile enough to allow the addition of production stops, sacrificial fences, and feather board.
  •  It accepts the most common accessory fasteners, ¼ inch T-bolts, 5/16 inch T- bolts, and ¼ inch hex bolts.
  • Lightweight but sturdy enough.
  • Resistant to corrosion and hence durable.
  • They are designed for heavy usage.
  • It can be used for general fixtures and jigs, workstations, and customized fences.
  • Twenty-four inches long optimal utility.
  • It comes at a low price range.
  • It may not be compatible with all types of saw.
  • Battery life runs off fast.


It is always wise to consider some facts before buying any kind of power tool. Firstly, they come with quite a price. So you can’t really buy a random product and regret it later on. We have pointed out some basic factors that need your attention to choose a perfect fence system for your miter saw.


Length is an important variable that you need to check before buying a fence system for a miter saw. If you are dealing with a wider board and pieces of wood, you will need a longer fence kit.

Setting Up Time

If your fence system has a complex setting and takes too much to set up, you may consider a miter saw fence upgrade. Too much setup time will decrease your production rate and will affect your everyday work. You may end up having to spend more time than in general rather than saving time.

Accuracy Level

You should not buy a fence system without checking its accuracy. How precise are the cuts that the fence system is making? You won’t want a fence kit that gives you errors in every cut, right?


Depending on your job style, you have to choose the manual fence system’s material that can withstand the load. If you deal with heavy metals and industrial works, then you have to choose a miter saw fence that can tolerate that rugged load.

Waste Material

How much waste or scrap sheet material is produced when you use a specific miter fence system? If you are throwing away too many materials because of faulty cuts, that’s a total waste of money! So, be cautious about that.


Do you need to rework the cuts after using the fence system? If yes, change your fence kit now! Get one that ensures precise cuts without needing any reworking later on.

Additional Features

It is not compulsory, but nice to have a miter saw fence kit with some extra features. Features like laser measure, slide, precision lens cursor, etc., make your job a little easier and saves your time too.


No matter how many features or advantages a fence System has unless you are satisfied with its performance, it’s nothing but a piece of junk. Check out the fence’s performance and decide if it’s fit for your job.

Final Words

When it comes to carpentry or woodworks, the precision and accuracy of the cuts matter the most. If a miter saw fence can ensure those, why not consider buying it? In today’s article, 

we have tried to pick the best five miter saw fence systems that we think might benefit you. Hopefully, our recommendations can help you to find a perfect fence system for your miter saw.


What Is Miter Saw Fence System?

Amiter saw fence kit is basically an add-on to your regular miter saws. It’s a sturdy platform with additional features like measuring scale, stop blocks, laser lens, etc. 

Usually, a miter saw fence provides a solid surface on which you can place the workpieces during cutting. It holds the woods in place properly, which provides a safer environment for the workers. Along with the measuring scale, it assures the accuracy and precision of the cuts. 

Who Makes The Best Miter Saw Fence System?

Unlike miter saws, not many manufacturers produce fence systems. The brand’s that are currently ruling over the market of miter fence system are-

  • Kreg Tool
  • FastCap
  • Infinity Tools
  •  JessEm
  • Affinity Tool Works

Choosing Your Fence Extensions- Longer Left Or Right?

You have a bit of freedom here. Your fence bench may dictate which side (left or right) has the longer side. Or you can decide it according to your cutting habit. What matters is your comfort during working.

How Do You Extend A Miter Saw Fence?

Cut a piece of plywood as the same as the base of your miter saw. Now cut another piece of wood around 4 inches wide for the fence. Join them together with some glue or nails. 

Drill some pilot holes and clamp the pieces together with some 1-inch screws. You need to make sure that your extension fence stays in place with ½ inch dowels.

How Do You Make A Sacrificial Fence For A Miter Saw?

 To make a sacrificial fence system, you have to cut a piece of wood as long as your main fence. Now make cuts for T-Track slots about 3/4  Inches below from the top. 

Now measure from the table to the middle of the slot and drill two ¼ inches mounting holes in the fence. Now install the t tract with six evenly spread screws. Put screws through the holes in the fence and secure the sacrificial fence. 

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