Samurai Saw Vs Silky Saw: Which One Is The Best For Pruning In 2021

If you are concerned with pruning, you might have come across both samurai saw vs silky saw. 

“Will silky saws beat the modern samurai saws?”

“Are samurai Saw really worthy?”

Samurai saws mainly originated from Japan & were taken to New Zealand by a merchant named Timaru. Silky is a renowned brand of New Zealand that is quite hard to beat. 

In this content, we will highlight a detailed overview of Samurai Saw Vs Silky Saw. So, you can choose the right one after going through our content carefully. However, I can assure you that both silky and Samurai saws are worthy of investment.

Samurai Saw Vs Silky Saw: Check Their Basic Differences Now! 

Though both samurai and silky saws are efficient in pruning, there are several fundamental differences. We have highlighted five major criteria in order to provide a better concept. Check out the points below and choose the one that suits your needs the most!


The brand Samurai proudly advertises their legendary samurai steel. Well, Silky and some other Japanese brands also boast in a similar pattern. 

Silky Saw blades are made of high-quality Japanese steel. Due to its softcore, you can expect it to provide enough flexibility. Its high carbon construction ensures superb wear resistance along with longevity. Samurai saw also shows similar durability with heated & hardened blades. 


Silky saws offer teeth that are hardened and heated by exceptional heating techniques. These teeth show three times more longevity than the usual non-hardened teeth.

On the contrary, large samurai blades constitute a raker tooth design for convenient removal of Sawdust. Such a design will certainly upgrade the overall pruning experience. 

However, some customers claim that silky saws show better durability than samurai blades.

Blade Attachment

Though Samurai and silky saws are pretty similar, they offer a different design in case of blade attachment. Silky saw blades show an extension through the handles for convenient blade replacement. 

On the contrary, Samurai blades feature screw attachments without forming any extensions. The metal Insertion of the samurai handle performs as a collar to accommodate the screws. Customers were pretty satisfied with this sophisticated design & didn’t face any inconvenience.


Samurai saw handles are designed with soft ergonomic handles for better support against slippage. These handles are basically made of soft rubbers for convenient handling, even on rainy days.

Silky gloves also offer an ergonomic design of rubber inserted into the ABS plastic for a comfortable holding. Such a construction also plays an essential role in reducing vibrations & ensuring a tight grip. 


In terms of cost, silky saws are relatively more expensive than samurai ones. Trust me; this extra investment is really worth it. There haven’t been any customers who moved to other pruning saws after investing in silky saws once. 

FAQ For Samurai Saw Vs Silky Saw

What Is the main purpose of a Silky saw?

When we mention Silky saws, it indicates the pruning saws associated with a wide range of pruning & woodworking. Silky manufactures different types of pruning saws, including both curved & straight blades with different teeth configurations.

Are silky blades interchangeable?

Silky offers different types of saw, which includes both fixed & foldable designs. In the GOMBOY series, we notice interchangeable blades within the same length.

Final Words

As you can already guess, both samurai & silky saws are highly efficient. In terms of design & longevity, their performance is too competitive. Most professionals prefer to invest in silky saws for their construction & long-term support. However, you can also invest in the modern samurai steel saw if you have eyes on it already. If you are a silky saw fan, be ready to pay some extra bucks. Trust on my words. Its performance will be highly satisfactory indeed.

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