5 Of The Best Aftermarket Miter Saw Laser – 2022

Are you looking for the best aftermarket miter saw laser? Look no further! We have researched all the best models and put them on a list. This miter saw laser guide reviews article will help you find the woodworking tools for miter cuts, so without wasting time or money on products that are not worth it. If you are also looking for buying the best miter saw blades then you can see our special review article. I hope it will help you to buy the best blades.

Choose The Best Aftermarket Miter Saw Laser

Oshlun LG-M01 Portable Saw LaserOshlun LG-M01 Portable Saw Laser
  • Weight only ‎4.2 ounces.
  • Extra set of LR44 batteries.
  • More accurate laser line.
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Irwin Miter Saw Laser GuideIrwin Miter Saw Laser Guide
  • Extra bolts included.
  • Auto on/off with blade rotation.
  • Easy to install.
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DEWALT DW7187 Miter Saw LaserDEWALT DW7187 Miter Saw Laser
  • Bright laser line.
  • On/off switch operate the laser.
  • Upper guard mount line visibility.
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Infiniter RS-1 Laser GuideInfiniter RS-1 Laser Guide
  • Laser beam shows accurately.
  • Fits most Cutoff Saws.
  • Batteries included
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Bosch LS010 Miter Saw Laser Washer GuideBosch LS010 Miter Saw Laser Washer Guide
  • Ultra-thin laser line.
  • Never requires realignment.
  • Automatic activation.
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Can you add a laser light to a miter saw?

Yes, you can add an aftermarket miter saw laser light to your miter saw. It is the best way to get accurate cuts. All of our recommendations come with lasers!

They are very helpful when it comes to cutting big pieces of wood. We have tested all products and we know they work well for everyone who wants precise cuts in their projects at home.

Do I need a laser on my miter saw?

Yes, you need a laser on your miter saw. It is the best way to get accurate cuts when working with big pieces of wood. They are very helpful in cutting large boards for projects anywhere.

Oshlun LG-M01 Miter and Portable Saw Laser Guide

Best Aftermarket Miter Saw Laser

Looking for a portable miter saw laser? The Oshlun LG M01 is designed to make cutting a miter easier and safer. It shows you the line on the left side of the kerf and will adjust automatically when you change your blade. There are no confusing parts or adjustments. Plus, this oshlun lg m01 miter and portable saw laser guide is easy to set up and use!

It comes With a built-in switch that activates the laser automatically when the saw blade is set to cut, this oshlun lg m01 laser guide uk is the easiest and best way to turn your saw into a precision cutting machine.

What do we like best?

The laser line is bright and easily visible even in sunlight. The laser guide is easy to install and works perfectly with the saw. I like how the laser guide is attached to the saw so there is no need to worry about any parts getting caught when cutting. The laser guide makes the saw more precise and safer.

What do we dislike?

The oshlun lg m01 laser guide is not as powerful as other laser guides. It’s not too bad but I prefer a brighter line. Also, the laser guide only works with one side of the blade and won’t work with other saws.

  • Installation is so easy.
  • Fit all Makita Miter saw models.
  • Much durability.
  • The laser line is pretty bright.
  • Affordable price.
  • The laser doesn’t have that “oval” locking part.
  • laser wouldn’t turn on automatically.

Irwin Industrial Tools Miter Saw Laser Guide

Best Aftermarket Miter Saw Laser

Need a new miter saw laser or find Irwin laser guide review? The Irwin laser guide is the perfect solution for accurately cutting your miter saw. It attaches easily to the back of your saw with just a few extra bolts and is guaranteed for life. This retrofit kit will work with any miter saw with a laser unit, and will even provide you with an automatic shut-off when the blade is not cutting.

The Irwin laser guide for miter saw gives you the accuracy of a laser and the power of a saw. There’s no need to be worried about losing any of the safety features that make your miter saw so great. The Irwin laser guide for mitre saw will keep you safe by projecting a line onto the workpiece that stays where it’s supposed to.

What do we like best?

I like the fact that this guide is easy to install and use. I can’t believe how many times I’ve had to buy a new miter saw because it’s not long enough. This guide is easy to use and makes my life much easier. I just wish they had it years ago.

What do we dislike?

The product seems to work well, but I’m concerned about the bolts. They are longer than the ones in the original saw and they are not included. They are not long enough to secure the unit. I’d love to see some kind of sleeve that would accommodate the bolts.

  • Fit all Dewalt miter saw models.
  • Fit all Makita Miter saw models.
  • High durability.
  • The laser beam is much brightened.
  • Affordable price.
  • Batteries changes are painful

dewalt miter saw laser System

Best Aftermarket Miter Saw Laser

Accurate cuts are the key to professional results, but they’re also very difficult to achieve. And it provides you with the best miter saw laser. The Dewalt miter saw laser system makes it easy for anyone to make accurate cuts.

This Dewalt miter saw laser guide is a thinner design specifically for use with 10″ miter saws and will help you get straight cuts every time. It’s simple to install and can be used in both low light or bright light come with because of its adjustable laser line that allows users to adjust the line left or right of the common angles

What do we like best?

There are no batteries required since power comes directly from the blade motor itself. With just a few clicks of a button, anyone can have perfectly cut pieces without wasting their time and adjust their position left or right based on personal with this Dewalt miter saw laser attachment.

What do we dislike?

This Dewalt miter saw laser light system price is higher than another laser system. And this miter saw laser Dewalt should not be for all models.

  • Suitable For all Dewalt miter saw models.
  • No required batteries.
  • High durability.
  • Operating system very easy
  • Not Enough space under the laser power unit.
  • Spring is not enough strong.

Infiniter RS-1 Laser Guide

Best Aftermarket Miter Saw Laser

The infiniter rs-1 laser cutting guide is a must-have for any pro or expert saw user. The Infiniter RS-1 Laser Guide is an ultra-thin laser line that attaches directly to your saw blade and tracks the kerf as you cut. This miter saw laser add on eliminates the need for realignment during setup and saves time, effort and money.

This laser line will help you achieve straight cuts every time and avoid over-cutting or under-cutting. And because it’s automatic, you don’t even have to turn it on! The Infiniter miter saw laser guides comes with a blade washer that fits most standard saw blades. All you need is the laser guide and the blade washer.

What do we like best?

The Infiniter laser for miter saw guide is the best We have used. It is very thin, easy to install, and you don’t have to mess with wires. The laser is extremely accurate. You can mount it anywhere and it will track straight. We have found it to be very accurate and easy to use.

What do we dislike?

We would say that this laser miter saw could be a little bit bigger and have more power. We had to put a little bit of tape around the battery because it kept falling off my gun. This miter saw with laser would be nice if the battery was a little bit bigger.

  • The laser beam shows precisely.
  • Fits most miter Saws.
  • Batteries included.
  • It is perfect for indoor work.
  • 1-year warranty.

Bosch LS010 Laser Washer Guide

Best Aftermarket Miter Saw Laser

The Bosch LS010 laser washer guide is an easy way to get laser tracking alignment on your saw. All it takes is the touch of a button to automatically align the laser beam. It’s a fast and easy installation that doesn’t require any tools. And because it’s so easy to use, you’ll never have to worry about getting it aligned.

This bosch ls010 laser arbor attachment will help you maintain that level so you can always cut straight. This ultra-thin laser tracker is easy to install and is automatic! Plus, it’s got a built-in safety feature so you don’t have to worry about cutting yourself!

What do we like best?

We like that we can use this bosch miter saw laser guide without having to remove the blade. This is very important for me because We are handymen and don’t want to lose my blade. Also, the laser is super thin, which makes it easier for me to cut my wood.

What do we dislike?

We see the bosch miter saw laser arbor attachment is weak that if the saw is outside in sunlight it can not even be seen. Secondly, you have to turn the blade on to see the line, and the blade must be less than a few inches above the wood.

  • Ultra-thin tracking line.
  • Never requires realignment.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Replaces standard blade washer.
  • This laser is unusable sometimes.
  • Laser power is much weak.

Buying Guide For Best Aftermarket Miter Saw Laser

There are a few things to consider when buying the best miter saw with laser guide. Because it may not fit all item models where you want it to go and that could limit your choices in miter saw laser washer systems.

Size of the Saw

Laser for miter saw are made specifically to fit different types and sizes of saws. You shouldn’t purchase one that is too big or thinner in design because it will be useless with the wrong equipment.


It is important to consider whether you want to buy one miter saw laser washer that comes with installation tools or if they are included. Most will be ready for use after purchase, but some of them can not be used Because it is very hard to miter saw laser guide attachment.


Since you will be using it on a regular basis, the durability of your miter saw laser attachment is important to consider before purchase. You may need something that can withstand long-term use without falling apart or losing its functionality over time.

Power Source

The miter and portable saw laser guide are either powered by batteries or the power of your tool. Some have rechargeable battery packs to save you money on replacement costs, but others may need new batteries regularly for continued use.


The accuracy of your best aftermarket miter saw laser guide is going to be a big part of how well it works for you. Since these guides are used specifically to help with making accurate cuts, the more precise they can be the better off you will be when using them.


Even if you don’t need it, a warranty is always nice to have just in case there are any issues with your laser guide. Having this additional coverage can be beneficial and will allow you to get the most use possible out of your new tool!

Things You Should Know When Using After market Laser Guide on Miter Saw

There are two ways to align the laser beam when cutting. First, you can align the beam along the center of the blade. And second, you can align the beam to the edge of the blade. Then make an offcut on either side of the beam.

As you saw in the first tip, it is important to remember which side of the blade you align the beam. Aligning the beam is just one way of making an approximation of the cut. The laser guide can be used to indicate where the blade will start cutting.

A major downside of using a laser guide is that it is not visible when the sun is shining through your shop windows. If the sun is bright outside, the laser guide can become less visible even if you use a window.

The vibration of the saw and shaking of the laser beam can also mess up the beam alignment. Furthermore, the battery for the laser has a short runtime, and when the batteries run out you may have to replace them in order to continue using the laser guide.

Final Word

Oshlun LG M01 Miter Saw Laser Guide is the best aftermarket miter saw laser guide and the cheapest option for anyone who wants to make accurate angles cut quickly and easily. It’s come with advanced features, but the Dewalt miter saw laser kit will also find it beneficial as well! The LG M01 installation note helps you to install accurately.

FAQ For The Best Miter Saw Laser Guide

When a buyer going to buy a laser light for miter saw for his miter saw then he or she have some question. Here we try to answer those questions.

Is a laser on a miter saw worth it?

Absolutely! The best aftermarket miter saw laser will make your life easier and help you get better results with less hassle.

You’ll never have another project ruined because of the inaccurate angle of cuts again with these handy tools – so no more dead batteries every time!!

Do Dewalt miter saws have a laser?

Yes, most Dewalt miter saws come with a laser guide that will help you get the accuracy of miter cutting and straight cuts every time. With just 1-click ordering, you can have perfectly cut pieces without wasting any of your time.

And this laser guide system is very durable and creat an accurate laser beam. That is really very helpful for beginners and professional people.

How does the XPS system work?

XPS is a light-based system on the laser line. It has two different modes, one for bright environments and another mode to make it visible in low-light situations.

It allows you to adjust the line left or right of the blade miter – meaning there are no batteries required since power comes directly from your saw itself! You can get this laser line for a very good price on Amazon!

Does the Bosch compound miter saw have a laser?

Yes, the Bosch Miter Saws comes with a laser guide to help you make accurate cuts every time!

It has an easy one-touch setup for perfect alignment and its compact design makes it very portable. The kerf blade can adjust from 0 – 50 degrees which gives you excellent versatility in your tools.

A Laser is useful for the compound miter saw. It makes working so much easier and accurate miters.

Does the Dewalt dws780 have a laser?

Yes, this Dewalt dual compound miter saw has an XPS system with a laser guide to help you make actual kerf every time!

It’s easy to adjust and can use in both left and right-handed applications. It also comes with the work clamp for added stability when working on larger projects.

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