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The craftsman chainsaw is one of the most well-known and popular chainsaws on the market. It’s no wonder why craftsmen have been making these for over 50 years! This article will go through a craftsman chainsaw review, what sets it apart from other models, and how it compares to others in its price range.

What is a chainsaw? Three primary types of chainsaw

Chainsaws are saws that use a chain with sharp teeth to cut through materials. It is powered by an engine or electric motor and attached to a guide bar, similar to how scissors have two blades connected together at the handles. Chainsaws work by pulling on one of the chains, which causes the other side of it to push forward into an object.

In the market you get three primary types of chainsaw:

Gas chainsaw

Gas chainsaws are the most popular type of chainsaw. They’re great for people who often need to cut through wood, but not too thick or tough. The engine is powered by a gas and oil mixture that’s injected into it. This causes an explosion that spins a fan inside the machine to create power and set off what we know as the chain.

Electric chainsaw

Electric chainsaws are the most popular for people who need to cut through tree limbs. This type of chainsaw is powered by a battery that needs charging up before use and has an electrical cord attached to it, which helps power the motor inside. Electric chainsaws work more quietly than gas ones, but they’re slower in terms of cutting wood because the power to them is limited.

Battery powered chainsaw

Battery-powered chainsaws are a newer alternative to gas and electricity. These types of saws run on batteries that need charging up before use, which provides the power for the motor inside of it to turn over as we know it. They’re most popular with people who don’t have access to electricity or want a quieter machine than an electrical one.

Why do you need a chainsaw?

People in a large variety of jobs need chainsaws. They’re great for woodworkers, tree trimmers, and other craftsmen to use on their materials without damaging them too much. It’s important to keep your gear sharp and ready at all times – that includes the blades! People who have an electric or battery-powered chainsaw will find it’s much easier to get their blades replaced or sharpened.

Craftsman Chainsaw Review (42cc-16″ 2-Cycle Gas)

This Craftsman 42cc-16 Full Crank 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw has an amazing 16″ bar with a low kickback chain that makes it perfect for cutting through tough wood quickly and easily.

It also comes with an easy start technology so you can get right to work on your outdoor projects without having to spend time trying to pull it up. The lightweight polymer chassis is engineered for reliable performance and prolonged use, with minimal user fatigue.

You won’t have any trouble handling this chainsaw because of its lightweight design while still getting all the power you need from its full crank engine.

Why Craftsman chainsaw is the best choice for you?


The craftsman chainsaw is powered by a 42cc engine. It has an air-cooled, two-stroke system that runs on gas and oil mixture to create power for the chain. The craftsman’s engine will last much longer than other models because it only fires up when you pull in the clutch lever.

Chain Size

This craftsman chainsaw uses a 16″ low kickback chain that’s perfect for cutting through tough materials quickly and easily.


The craftsman is also equipped with an easy start technology so you can get right to work on your projects without having to spend time pulling them up. It doesn’t matter if this craftsman chainsaw will be used by a professional or just the average person, it’s easy to use and provides plenty of power.

Auto oiling feature

The craftsman chainsaw is equipped with an auto oiling feature that takes care of the machine every time you’re done using it. This provides for a more enjoyable experience without having to worry about the engine overheating or becoming too dry.

Safety features

The craftsman chainsaw has a number of safety features to ensure operators don’t get hurt while using it.

  • A chain brake that locks the chain in place when you release the clutch lever, preventing injury and keeping your hands away from the blade.
  • An emergency stop button is located on top of this craftsman’s handle – if you need to stop the craftsman chainsaw quickly, just push it and the engine will shut off. This is a really important feature because of how fast this machine can go.
  • A safety shield that covers your hands while cutting material – there’s no more worrying about cutting yourself when you’re using craftsman tools!


The craftsman 42cc– 16″ gas full crank saw is a great tool to have around in your home because you’ll know you’re always well-prepared and the craftsman tools will last you a long time.

How long does a Craftsman chainsaw last?

A craftsman chainsaw will last a long time. Proper maintenance and care are necessary to keep your craftsman in good condition, but they’ll allow you to use it for a longer period of time without needing replacement parts or repairs.

What is the most reliable chainsaw?

I think The craftsman chainsaw is the most reliable on the market because it’s designed with safety features in mind to protect you from injury. Other chainsaws are designed for more professional use, but craftsman is perfect for anyone looking to get the job done quickly.

What is the number one selling chainsaw?

I think craftsman is the number one selling chainsaw because it’s easy to use for beginners and provides plenty of power. If you’re looking for a machine with safety features, the craftsman will be perfect for your needs. Because it’s lightweight and provides plenty of power.

Are Craftsman chainsaws made by Husqvarna?

No, craftsman chainsaws are not made by Husqvarna but they’re designed with reliability in mind and perfect for the average person.

Is a 46cc chainsaw good?

If you need lots of power, I would recommend the craftsman saw with a 46cc engine so that you can tackle larger projects without any problem. I don’t think a craftsman is a good choice for someone who’s looking for power because it has an engine size of 42cc.

Are gas chainsaws hard to maintain?

No, gas chainsaws are not hard to maintain. You’ll need to spend some time maintaining the machine so it lasts longer and runs well for a long period of time – but there’s no maintenance that takes hours or days.

Some chainsaw is equipped with an automatic oiling feature that automatically takes care of the machine every time you’re done using it. This provides for a more enjoyable experience without having to worry about the engine overheating or becoming too dry.

How to Buy a Craftsman Chainsaw?

If you’re in the market for a craftsman chainsaw, I would recommend buying from Amazon. Amazon is the best place to buy craftsman tools because of its free delivery and easy return policy.

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