Miter Saw vs Circular Saw

If you are a new woodworker and want to start a woodworking job that is not so easy to choose from miter saw vs circular saw. You have must know what type of work you are going to do and choose your equipment according to that. 

Some decide to buy a circular saw and some decide to buy a miter saw to get that type of cut in their wood projects. 

Saws and miter saws are almost the same handheld tools but the main difference between them is that miter saws can give that precise cuts on the other hand circular saws allow you the flexibility to cut on a variety of angles. 

Both power tools certainly bring something to the table; however, when starting you do not need both for that. That is why we read many miters saw reviews and circular saw reviews and conducted this review article to see which power tool is good for which project so, it is easier for you to decide that.

What Is a Miter Saw?

This a specially designed power tool which is for those who are looking for precious and accurate miter cuts along with the lumber. 


This saw allows you to cut a piece of wood at a specific angle. The circular blade in this tool is used to cut accurately and preciously; moreover, it comes with a stationary workstation and a fence. 

The miter saw is available on the market starting from 7-inch blade to 12-inch blade and various. It is measured from the center to the tip of the blade.

The blade is mounted on the arm and you can swivel from the left to the right according to your need to make various cuts on the oak; moreover, you can lock the arm to get precious and straight cuts and you get the flexibility to make many types of miter cuts also.

Types of cut you can make with a miter saw

  • Miter cuts – the miter saw is specially designed for this. You can get an idea if you look at the trim on your door. Where two trim meets each other is cut at a 45-degree angle and then fitted together. Miter saws allow you to make those cuts in a block of wood easily as it is designed for that purpose.
  • Crosscuts – This is a slightly easy cut to make as you can measure by eye a 90 degree on a plain board. Miter saws allow you to make accurate 90-degree angle crosscuts for a wood project into 2 by 4 lengths. 
  • Beveled cuts – You can easily make double bevel cuts with a miter saw. These power tools allow you to make straight, accurate, and precious cuts along with the thickness of the limber which makes it perfect for making a cross-cutting on an oak. And the bevel capacity is more than 0 to 48 degrees. The adjustment of this device is very easy.
  • Compound cuts – This is a combination of both miter cuts and bevel cuts which with a miter saw gives you the capability to do so. You can also customize according to your needs as you get to control the wood piece.

What Is a Circular Saw?

This is one of the most versatile tools you can get your hands on. Every handyman or craftsman at some point in their carrier gets a circular saw in their workshop. 

If you are a new woodworker and want to start a woodworking job that is not so easy to choose from miter saw vs circular saw

A circular saw is a tool with a motorized blade that allows you to make long and accurate cuts on the wood with the grains or without the grains without any issues. The saw is also very versatile power; moreover, you get the type of blade variations in this device.

Blades of a circular saw comes from 3 3/8 inches to 16 inches which allows you to make long and perfect cuts and get a greater depth of cut on your wood; however, you also get more options that is you can use other blades such as dado blades. 

The saw is fitted on the device which adds to its stability and accuracy which every handyman looks for before buying a power tool.

Types of cut you can make with a Circular Saw

  • Rip cuts – This is kind of similar to making crosscuts on the wood. A circular device allows you to make long and accurate cuts rip cuts on your wood projects.
  • Dado cuts – The circular device gives you the option to attach a dado blade to it so that you can make a dado cut on the lumber with ease. You can cut a liner line with a dado blade attached to a circular device without changing any settings.
  • Plunge cuts – With a circular saw you can place a plunge cut on a piece f wood. As the device is handheld so it makes it easier to lower the blade on a piece of wood to get that plunge cuts on the oak.

Miter Saw Vs Circular Saw Comparison

There are lots of differences between a miter saw and a circular saw. Let’s see the difference shortly: 

Features Miter Saw Circular Saw
Accuracy Mostly accurate Depends on Hand (Average)
Versatility Specially for Crosscuts Special for different types of cuts
Rip-cuts No, it does not do rip cuts Using guide rail or straight edges
Cross-cuts Great for cross cuts It can do the work but not best
Plywood Plywood can not be cut It can cut plywood easily
Rabbet and Dado Needs Sliding miter saw to cut Can be easily done
Efficiency of use Probably easier then a circular saw and easy to handle Need to know what you are doing as it takes time to master circular saw
Portability Needs a work station or bench to work Easy to move around and easy to carry
Price Affordable range Comparatively priced
Recommendation Dewalt Best Compound Miter Saw DEWALT DCS361M1 Dewalt Best cordless Circular saw DEWALT DCS391B


Miter Saw:

The saw is used for making accurate crosscuts and works with a positioned blade mounted and works on board. A miter saw can be used for a different purpose. 

But mainly for cutting woods or boards. A miter saw can be placed on a table for working and it uses a stand to hold it in position. Miter saws can also be cordless and can be used with a 12-volt battery. 

There are great compound miter saws for a reasonable price. It can be a great use for crosscuts as it has a high accuracy for crosscuts and a nice dust collection system. It also comes with a 15 amp motor that gives you 3800 rpm. 

A Miter saw is a special tool that can make a variety of angled cuts that can be used for any project or works. The Blade is attached with a swing arm and can cut from angles. 

DEWALT DCS361M1 20V Max Cordless Miter Saw is a great addition to the workstation which has no porter cable. It can do 183 cuts of 2×4 Pine – or 275 cuts with 3-1/4 cutting capacity. It is versatile and can make great cuts. 

It is also cordless. That does not need to set up like table saws. That device gives you quality cuts but not curved cuts.

Circular Saw:

A circular saw is a force saw using a toothed or harsh circle or edge to cut different materials using a revolving movement turning around an arbor. 

An opening saw and ring saw additionally utilize a rotary motion yet are not quite the same as a circular saw. The blade circulates and cuts through. A circular saw is used for straight-line cuts and curved cuts can be a great addition for DIY workers.

The circular saw blade is attached to a machine and can be kept in a table working as a table circular saw. Circular saws come in various sizes. Mini circular saws are very popular with DIY workers and project builders. 

DEWALT 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Circular Saw can be a great example of the best circular saw. It is a compact circular device. It is a great addition for home works or project builds. That does not need to set up like table saws. its dust collection system is so poor.

Types of cuts

Miter Saw: 

Miter saw is a very versatile tool for cutting sheets of plywoods or boards. It depends on the type of miter saw you buy. There is a compound miter saw, sliding miter saw, lowes miter saw or miter saw lowes. 

These saws have a different type of cuts. Most efficient cuts can be found from sliding miter saws. They have great accuracy and gives a bigger cut with the help of a slider. 

There are miter cuts, crosscuts, compound cuts, bevel cuts, angled cuts, and rip cutting. It is usually used for making smaller projects such as frames, planter boxes, and many other things.

The cut from the miter saw is precise and there is less distortion. The miter saw uses a lever to move the blade up and down giving space for changing the position of the wood. 

The sliding compound miter saw uses a roller ball to move the blade back and forth. DEWALT DCS361M1 20V Max Cordless Miter Saw has the best cut all around the business and also one of the best selling miters saw amazon. 

It can do 183 cuts of 2×4 Pine – or 275 cuts of 3-¼ inch size. It gives you advanced safety features.

Circular Saw: 

Circular saw machines are more versatile than miter saws as a whole. But it has less accurate cuts. the blade cuts hard materials such as metal, tile square blocks, and stones diamond cutting edges and cut off wheels are ordinarily utilized in these applications. 

It uses a circular shape saw blade and cuts using its tooth or disk. The rotary motion helps the blade have a fine cut. Circular saws are usually handheld. There is a compact circular saw, mini circular saw average circular saws. 

Usually, these are the types of circular saws and they can cut anything which it is used for. You will need a circular saw guide to learn at first before cutting. DEWALT DCS391B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Circular Saw is the best at this particular segment. 

A circular saw can do different cuts as it can be moved easily using a hand and in any direction.


Miter Saw: 

The price of the miter saw varies on the type of the miter saw and its class. A miter saw with; a miter saw stand, a table, and a miter saw station might cost more than just only the miter saw. 

The saw itself has different types. Such as, compound miter saw, sliding compound miter saw, miter saw. There are different sizes too. But it is much effective to buy within your budget and then build the station by yourself. 

DEWALT DCS361M1 20V Max Cordless Miter Saw is the best miter saw for the budget. 

Circular Saw:

A Circular saw comes in different shapes and types just like a miter saw except it has a greater versatility and choices than a miter saw. 

There are different types of the circular saw; Mini circular saw, compact circular saw, table circular saw, corded circular saw all these have a different set of price. Sometimes the price also varies for the blades of a circular saw. 

The difference in the tooth of disks can change the value of the blades. This is why DEWALT DCS391B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Circular Saw is the best one for the budget; moreover, it is one of the best circulars saw for beginners also. 

You can use it very easily and it also contains a circular saw guide. 


Miter Saw: 

Miter saw has great accuracy. As it is fixed in a stand it is easy to direct. A miter saw works only moving up and down to cut the log/board/wood on a particular angle. 

A compound miter saw can adjust its angle and a sliding compound miter saw can move back and forward depending on the cut. The accuracy of the miter saw is great and gives a smooth cut. 

But the drawback of it is it can not cut all types of materials. DEWALT DCS361M1 20V Max Cordless Miter Saw has the best cut all around the business. It can do 183 cuts of 2×4 Pine – or 275 cuts of 3-1/4 blade diameter. 

The size remains as accurate as you cut it.

Circular Saw: 

Circular saw is a tool which is used for all kind of projects and heavy-duty works. It can cut through metal and wood easily depending on the circular saw and blades. 

The most accuracy can be achieved through a lot of practice as it does not have any stand and you have to use your hand to adjust the cut. 

Some circular saw has track and table which helps to have a fine cut but it is rather troublesome. A Circular saw beginner guide is always needed for practice as it is not fixed.

There are different types of circular saws and they cut differently; Mini circular saw, compact circular saw, cordless circular saw. 

DEWALT DCS391B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Circular Saw is the best one for starting. It has a different blade option and a beginner guide.

Beginner Choice

For starting any type of saw is preferable but for doing projects at home or work different criteria need to be fulfilled or particular items that need to be looked for. 

A miter saw is specialized for miter, crosscuts. It is very accurate and it will not have any distortion on its cuts. A cordless miter saw can be very versatile as it has many specialties. 

Such as; a Sliding miter saw can cut at a specific angle and area with good accuracy. For someone who wants to do DIY projects at home, a miter saw is very much acceptable. It has a blade guard for your safety. You also get laser guides.

Where you will find a circular saw more versatile than a miter saw as you can move it very easily and maneuver its cuts. Specially compact circular saws are easy to handle and a cordless circular saw is the best one for beginners. 

But the accuracy is very poor and it does need a lot of skill. Skill comes with practice. There are beginner guides on the circular saws which can be used for practice and developing skills. 

So the perfect choice depends on what type of work or project you are doing. It is for sure that any of these saws are great for their work but it greatly depends on the user how they are using it. 

The final result comes beautifully when the user is using the tool properly. But keep in mind that the accuracy of the circular saw is less then the miter saw but a circular saw can be used for any type of cuts but a miter saw can only be used for particular works as making small wood projects. 


Miter saw vs circular saw does not matter what saw you are using it is sure you have to gain the skill to cut at your will. But it matters what type of cuts you want. It depends on the project or the work you want to use.  

All the saws are specially made for their purpose. A miter saw and a Circular saw might do each other’s work but they are made for different cuts and purposes. For example; DEWALT has both types of saws and they are special on different occasions.

In short Bosch circular saws are for heavy works as it is more versatile but less accurate and Bosch powerful miter saws are for light works and are more accurate than circular saws. 

That is what this short article is on, to help you select a power saws according to your need and also know the differences which every woodworker or a craftsman needs to know.

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