Top 5 Best miter saw replacement handle Review & Comparison

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The saw is not the only part of the miter saw that needs to be replaced. You also need to replace the handles that come with it, and the replacement kits can sometimes be expensive. On our blog, we offer tips on choosing the best miter saw replacement handle.

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Best miter saw replacement handle

DeWalt DW705 Miter Saw HandleDeWalt DW705 Miter Saw Handle
  • New, Bulk Packed.
  • Genuine DeWalt Replacement Part.
  • Consult owners manual.
  • All Dewalt models supported.
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Dewalt DW716 Miter Saw HandleDewalt DW716 Miter Saw Handle
  • Genuine, OEM Dewalt handle.
  • Part number 624730-00.
  • Weight is only 10.5 Ounces.
  • Support all Dewalt models.
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Ryobi Ridgid OEM HandleRyobi Ridgid OEM Handle
  • Replacement for Ridgid, Ryobi.
  • Weight is only 11.7 ounces.
  • Easy and quick fit.
  • The price is very affordable.
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Black & Decker Clamshell SetBlack & Decker Clamshell Set
  • This kit is used on a miter saw.
  • This part fits model number DW704.
  • Set includes both handle halves.
  • Package weight is 3-Pound.
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Hitachi Side Handle for miter sawHitachi Side Handle for miter saw
  • Genuine Hitachi replacement part.
  • Only for Hitachi power tool.
  • Weight is 0.353 ounces.
  • Made by Koki Holdings America, Ltd.
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Is miter saw handle replacement possible?

Yes, replacement is possible if you take the right steps. The best way to go about the replacement is to replace the entire saw. It is best to replace the saw with a newer model that comes with a handle.

How to replace the miter saw handle?

The miter saw handle replacement is the very easiest job for anyone. If you have never done this before, you will never face any problems setting the miter saw handle. Because you got diagram with every order. Just you should you correct wrench.

Remove top handle:

First of all, remove the top handle, check your miter saw handle, and not break. if it has broken, you can’t replace it. because the broken handle will be hard to fix. For more detail about a miter saw handle replacement.

Remove handle cover:

If you see the cover of the handle, Remove it. The importance of a quality miter saw handle replacement.

Remove the switch: 

After removing the lift handle of the cover we see the switch sockets and electric line. Then remove two screws that hold the switch, and the switch from the miter saw. Now, remove the two screws from the bracket of the switch. And the electrical cable and switch off. Then, install the new switch and connect the electrical line.

Assemble new handle:

When you removed all the parts of the handle then put the new handle on the saw. Then, align the handle hole with the hole in the saw. Screw the handle to the saw with four screws included in the kit.

DeWalt DW705 Miter Saw Replacement Handle

Best miter saw replacement handle

Are you looking for a handle? The DeWalt DW705 Miter Saw is a professional tool designed to be a reliable workhorse. We’ve found that the handles on the DeWalt DW705 can wear out over time and become loose.

This can cause the blade to fall off and result in injury to yourself and others. So we made it easy for you! With this kit, you can replace your worn handle with a brand new one in no time.

You don’t want to take any risks with your miter saw and you don’t want to risk losing your handle. But we know you’re an expert and you don’t have the time to mess around with replacing it yourself. Well, now you can!

Click the check button and place your order today to receive your replacement kits right away!

  • This is a DeWalt genuine replacement part.
  • Its weight is only 9.4 ounces.
  • It makes from durable Plastic
  • You don’t get a warranty.
  • Its price is a little high than another.

Dewalt DW716/DW718 Miter Saw Handle

Best miter saw replacement handle

You are a Dewalt fan? This is the perfect changing handle for your Dewalt miter saw. It’s compatible with all of their different types and sizes, so you can always count on the genuine Dewalt replacement part.

Miter saws are the heart of your DIY project. And the handle is the first thing you touch when you get one. So it’s important that you find one that fits perfectly. This handle can make the difference between a perfect cut and an accident.

We all want to look like our favorite Star Wars characters, but who has the time? Don’t let that happen to you. Get the replacement handle assembly for your miter saw today and finally look like that Princess Leia with your DIY projects! Get yours today and start saving!

  • Feels as strong as the original.
  • Fit perfectly.
  • Its weight is only 10.5 ounces.
  • Installation is difficult from another model.

Ryobi Ridgid replacement assy handle

Best miter saw replacement handle

You need a new miter saw handle. We’ve got just what you’re looking for. This handle assembly is made from strong steel that will work with your saw for years to come. It fits all Ridgid, Ryobi, Makita, and Craftsman miter saws. Get yours today! 

Ryobi Ridgid handle is great for the miter saw and they’ll fit the Ridgid and Ryobi you have right now. No need to buy a whole new miter saw, just get the handle you need today!

You need to replace a handle on your miter saw. Don’t waste time trying to find a Ridgid handle that fits, this is a Ryobi replacement that works great. Get yours today and save yourself the hassle! Click on the button to see our full range of replacement kits now!

  • Genuine Ryobi handles assembly.
  • Give you a premium feel.
  • Weight is only 11.7 ounces.
  • You may not get the switch button.

Black & Decker Clamshell Set for Miter Saw

Best miter saw replacement handle

Looking for a clamshell miter saw kit? This clamshell miter saw kit comes with both the handle halves for your miter saw, which makes it easy to carry around. It has a 42-inch length, 10-inch width, and 3-inch height. Get yours now!

Your miter saw deserves a home in a clamshell case, so you can easily carry it around. It also has a handy tool tray that holds all your extra blades and tools so you don’t have to worry about losing them. Order yours today!

  • It is a clamshell kit is used on the miter saw.
  • The Set includes both handle halves.
  • Weight is only ‎11.2 ounces.
  • Its price is a little high from another handle.

Hitachi Side Handle For Miter Saw

Best miter saw replacement handle

Hitachi power tools are an excellent choice, and we always have replacement parts available for our customers. We want you to be able to continue working with your brand new Hitachi, and that’s why we offer a 30-day return policy for all parts purchased. Click here to get started today!

Are you having trouble finding the right replacement part? Our online store is full of genuine Hitachi power tool parts, so we can help you get back to work as quickly as possible.

If you’re having trouble finding a part for your Hitachi, click here for replacement parts that we’ve found for many other brands! Get your Hitachi repair parts today and get your repair back on track!

  • Weight is only 0.353 ounces.
  • It is suitable for all C-series miter saws.
  • Its installation is very easy.

You may not get any warranty.

How to choose a miter saw replacement handle

There are several things you will need to consider when you are trying to find a correct handle for your miter saw. First, you will need to know the saw size and model. Next, you need to know the size of the handle that you need.

Handle Size: The handle size is very important in how easy it is to use the saw, and how comfortable the handle is in your hand. Since you will be holding the handle frequently, you will want to make sure it is sized correctly for your hand.

The Handle Fit on your model: By far, this is the most important factor in selecting the correct model of saw. It is also the one that is most overlooked. Many people just go to the store, pick out the saw that looks right and take it home. They are sorry later when they try to use it.

Build Materials: This is important because it will affect the durability of the tool. Most saws are made of mostly plastic. Some more expensive saws will have a metal body. The handle is another place where you will find the difference. Cheap saws will have an injection-molded plastic handle.

Quick Setup Option: The quick setups are really helpful when it comes to the task of making a campfire. This is because they are designed to allow you to set up the entire thing in a very short time. They are mostly easy to assemble and set up.

Seller Return Policy: Once you’ve received your spanking new product, please be sure to inspect the contents and the condition of the package and to verify that everything is to your liking.


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