Choose The Best Miter Saw Blade For PVC Pipe In 2022!

Do you need to trim a large number of PVC pipes on a daily basis? Are you searching for a quality blade to cut PVC pipes with superb ease and smoothness? I bet that’s the reason for coming across our article while browsing through thousands of products in Google.

Either trimming, molding, or generally cutting through PVC/plastic, having the best miter saw blade for PVC pipe certainly does the job with ease and comfort. 

Though Miter saws are comparatively expensive, having the right blade close by you is totally worth investment.

That’s because it allows you to trim large amounts of PVC efficiently within a short period.

However, being a beginner or a professional, choosing the right one is tricky indeed. That’s precisely why we have come up with this content.

In this article, we have highlighted the best miter saw blade for PVC trim along with a buyer’s guide, which will assist you in making the right decision. We have listed only the top products that offer high-quality with the best performance in 2021.

So, be ready to go through our article properly and purchase the right blade right away! If you want to buy a miter saw blade for cutting trim on wood then you can read another article.

Best Miter Saw Blade For Pvc Pipe

A miter saw without a perfect blade is totally useless. In order to provide the top class for the miter saw, we have researched through hundreds of Saw blades and came up with the following ones.

As a professional user, you can trust our top picks because we have picked only the most classy and best blade for cutting uPVC. So, let’s jump into the review section, shall we?

IVY Classic 10-Inch Circular Saw BladeIVY Classic 10-Inch Circular Saw Blade
  • Steel blade designed.
  • Precision ground teeth.
  • Reduce heat.
  • Blade teeth 200.
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IRWIN 10-Inch Steel Miter Saw BladeIRWIN 10-Inch Steel Miter Saw Blade
  • Precision-ground teeth.
  • Heavy-gauge,
  • high-carbon steel blade.
  • 5/8″ arbor and 0.09″ kerf. 
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Malco VCB1 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw BladeMalco VCB1 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw Blade
  • Versatile 10-inch blade.
  • Perfect for use on Vinyl Siding.
  • Blade speed 6500 RPM.
  • Universal arbor.
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IRWIN 7-1/4-inch Steel Corded Circular Saw BladeIRWIN 7-1/4-inch Steel Corded Circular Saw Blade
  • Precision ground teeth.
  • Corrosion-resistant coating.
  • 5/8-Inch Universal Arbor.
  • Cutting plywood.
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Freud 10 In 80 Tooth Plastic Cutting BladeFreud 10 In 80 Tooth Plastic Cutting Blade
  • Freud TiCo Hi-Density Carbide.
  • Negative hook angle.
  • Laser cut Anti-vibration.
  • Recommended for plexiglass.
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While working on a PVC project, anyone will need a cutter quite frequently to trim in the right places. Though there are several methods of cutting up the PVC pipe, using the miter saw is the best option out there.

Now, you might wonder why we recommend miter saw when a ratcheting cutter or hand saw could perform the job as well.

Well, the answer is simple. If you want to present a professional finish in the project, a miter saw is the only option. That’s because –

  • Using a ratcheting cutter will consume a considerable amount of time.
  • Frequent use of the ratcheting cutter might result in hand pain or acute arthritis.
  • A hand saw can’t provide a professional finish. In fact, you will notice spikes at the ends.

On the contrary, a miter saw will help a user cut a large quantity of plastic/PVC with little effort within the shortest time.

Either he wants it for professional use, home renovation, or big projects, a miter saw will impress them. However, being 100% cautious is the precondition of using these power tools.


Once you have found the best miter saw blade for PVC pipe, maintaining it is also an essential factor if you want to use it for a prolonged time. Even, Careless or rough usage of a high-quality blade will lead to decreased lifespan.

So, follow the tips below to clean and maintain the miter saw blade regularly.

Soak the blade in water

After removing the blade from the saw, making a dilute solution of warm water and all-purpose detergent is the first task to perform.

Dive the blade in the warm water and let it be there for several minutes. The detergents will do the cleaning for you in the meantime.

Many people advise using citrus products instead of detergent as they are widely known as natural cleaners.


After the blade is soaked in soapy water, take a toothbrush to clean the stubborn stains, especially in the teeth area.

Once you are done with scrubbing, grab the blade by the central hole and rinse it with clean water.

Dry It with a cloth

Finally, take a smooth cloth and dry the blade quickly as air-drying might leave some water stains.

IRWIN 10-Inch Steel Miter Saw Blade

Best Miter Saw Blade For PVC Pipe

Are you tired of waiting for workers? Do you want to do your cutting work related to plastic and plywood? IRWIN has been renowned in the tool world for its price to quality ratio.

People mostly go for it to get better products at low prices. If you are looking to cut plastics, this tool is your choice to go.  

IRWIN steel circular saw blade constructed of heavy gauge high carbon steel for prolonged use.

This tool is one of the best plastic cutting tools out there. IRWIN circular saw blade comes with 180 precision ground circular saw teeth for sleek, meticulous cuts.

It has a 10″ blade length along 0.09″ kerf and ⅝” shaft. This tool is capable of cutting through Plywood, Plastic, veneer, vinyl, and OSB. Its smooth and precise cuts make it worthwhile as this tool cuts through the material without ruining the rest of the material.

Product Specification:

BrandIRWIN tools
MaterialSteel Alloy
Weight1.25 pounds
DimensionsLength: 30.48 cm, Width: 27.94 cm, Height: 0.254 cm.
Number of Teeth180
  • Versatile Function and sleek design.
  • Sleek and accurate cuts.
  • Tough and durable material.
  • High carbon steel construction.
  • Excellent and fast manufacturer response
  •  Non-Resharpenable.

IVY Classic 10-Inch Circular Saw Blade​

Miter Saw Blade For PVC Pipe

Looking to decorate your house using Vinyl siding but don’t have the right tool? IVY classic industries is a trustworthy companion in this business.

The manufacturer has developed this model (IVY Classic 35056) for cutting light gauge aluminum (up to 3.175mm), Vinyl Siding, and plastics.

It has a massive 200 teeth, which provides. IVY Classic 35056 is renowned for a great deal of precision. This tool is 10″ in length and comes with a ⅝” arbor.

It is equipped with expansion slots, an excellent framework for reducing heat build-up and eliminating deformation.

IVY circular blade comes with rotation advice, so better pay attention while equipping it for a test run.

Product Specification:

BrandIVY Classic Industries
MaterialSteel Alloy
DimensionsLength: 25.4 cm, Width: 25.4cm, Height: 0.254 cm
Number of Teeth200
  • Precise cuts.
  • High carbon-steel alloy blade.
  • High durability.
  • The price is affordable.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Expansion Slots for heat reduction.
  • No set for smooth, accurate cuts

Malco VCB1 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw Blade

Best Miter Saw Blade For PVC Pipe

Malco VCB1 7-1/4-Inch Circular blade is one of the cheapest yet best plastic cutting blades in 2021. The manufacturer has equipped it with 186 teeth to provide a smooth user experience.

It is either for cutting plastic, trimming PVC, or fencing vinyl. The Malco circular saw blade would satisfy the needs.

Why would you use a plywood blade for cutting PVC when you can get the actual PVC cutting blade within an affordable range.

The RPM count of this 184mm saw blade is around 6500. So, a user will get the perfect cut and smooth edges with superb speed.

This superb saw blade is certainly a value for money thing as you are getting most facilities within the best price. In the case of longevity, most customers have rated it around 4.6/5.

Thus, don’t worry about this blade’s longevity just because it is cheap. 

Product Specification:

Weight11.2 ounce
DimensionsLength: 7.25 inches, Width: 8 inches, Height: 0.5 inches.
Number of Teeth186
Maximum RPM6500
  • Perfect blade for cutting vinyl.
  • It provides smooth & clean edges.
  • It can efficiently perform angle cuts.
  • Outstanding performance per price.
  • Superior longevity.
  • Highly affordable.
  • Undersized arbor.

IRWIN 7-1/4-inch Steel Corded Circular Saw Blade

Best Miter Saw Blade For PVC Pipe

While searching for the best miter saw blade for PVC pipe, we came across this 7- ¼ inch saw blade. This masterpiece can be considered the best one as per its price.

The brand IRWIN has equipped this Steel alloy blade with 140 teeth that are efficient in plywood trimming and plastic & vinyl.

They also featured this saw blade as a ⅝ inch arbor that can easily fit with the most miter saw in the market.

As the circular saw blade’s primary material is Steel, naturally, any user would worry about corrosion.

However, in order to increase lifespan and utmost user experience, the company has specifically offered corrosion-resistant coating over the blade.

Even if you are looking for a saw blade for big projects like the home renovation or laminating floor, IRWIN, 7-1/4-inches  Circular Saw Blade will efficiently do the job. However, during prolonged usage, you might notice some burning on the edges.

Product Specification:

Weight12.6 ounce.
MaterialSteel Alloy.
DimensionsLength: 9.5 inches, Width: 1.8 inches,
Height: 0.8 inches.
Number of Teeth140
  • Durable body.
  • High carbon steel alloy blade.
  • Excellent in trimming plexiglass & veneer.
  • Best blade within budget.
  • It provides a smooth finish.
  • Slight burning may take place.

Freud 10 In 80 Tooth Plastic Cutting Blade

Best Miter Saw Blade For PVC Pipe

The company Freud manufactures all of its tools with high-class materials by implementing the most innovative designs.

Recently, they have produced a unique formula called ‘TiCo Hi-Density carbide’ to manufacture a supreme blade with superior longevity.

This formula mainly contains Titanium, carbide, Tungsten & cobalt, where carbide grains measure around 0.8 microns.

Such minuscule measurement of carbide will provide superior sharpness for fast & easy trimming. Freud’s high-quality, ten-inch blade comes with an MTCG design that allows clean cuts with a professional finish.

Its Eighty tooth & negative hook angles are so efficient in trimming that they offer the smoothest finish without seizing the material. Also, their anti-vibration vents can reduce vibration and increase its lifespan to a great extent.

If you are looking for a  blade to cut plastic, PVC, clipboard, plywood, etc., Freud’s 10 inches saw blade would do the trick for you perfectly. Well, yeah, this blade is comparatively more expensive than its competitors.

However, when a user compares Freud 10 inch blade’s output with any other budget blade, they will notice the high-quality trimming Freud offers indeed.

Product Specification:

Weight2.05 lbs.
DimensionsLength: 10.6 in, Width: 10.1 in, Height: 0.5 in.
Number of Teeth80
  • Precise cuts.
  • Efficient in trimming plexiglass, plastic & even acrylic.
  • It provides the smoothest finish.
  • It never leaves molten edges.
  • A bit expensive.


A professional user won’t ever Cut PVC or plastic with just any blade close to hand. Using a random plywood blade might result in leaving spiky or melted edges.

Of course, you won’t like molten or spiky edges on the sheet. That’s why we have listed some factors to consider before choosing the best blade for cutting plastic.

Blade’s Material

In order to cut plastics efficiently with a miter saw, using a blade with a hardened body and tungsten carbide teeth is a must.

If you choose a Steel blade, it would be best if the edge has an anti-corrosion coating. Such technology will protect the blade from rusting and will ensure high durability & longevity.


When a user begins to cut the plastic with a miter saw, heating is the first issue he would face if the blade is not designed for trimming plastic/PVC.

As we know, heat is a specific enemy of plastic. Of course, some molten edges on the edges might ruin your whole project. However, burning issues of blades during prolonged usage is a common thing.

In such consequences, a coated blade will be the best sort of protection from burning or overheating.  Thus, check if the edge has such coating before making the purchase.

Teeth Count

If the user expects a professional finish from the miter saw, he must choose a blade with higher teeth count. In order to cut plastic or vinyl, the blade must contain more than 70 teeth.

A blade with a low number of teeth can neither provide a smoothness like butter nor a high-quality clean edge. So, teeth count is one of the essential facts to consider before purchasing the miter saw’s right blade.


When a user dives himself into a PVC-related project, a miter saw with the best plastic cutting blade is the first thing he would need. As we have phrased before, using any random blade won’t ever leave a ‘professional finish.’ 

However, why would anyone spoil their project with spiky or molten edges when blades for plastic trimming are pretty affordable nowadays?

Well, yeah, finding the best one is certainly not easy. That’s exactly why we have reviewed the best miter saw blade for PVC pipe, along with some exclusive tips & guidelines.

Hopefully, our content was helpful enough, and you won’t have to roam the internet aimlessly anymore. So, choose the best blade for your miter saw and get ready to rock in your PVC project.


Black PVC pipe is leaking into the basement. How to repair it?

After ensuring the pipe is PVC for real, at first, you need to clean up the joint and dry it properly with a heat gun.

  • If the joint leak is minor, applying some PVC cement with PVC solvent might do the trick.
  • If the joint seems too bad, it would be best to replace it by inserting a new PVC pipe.
  • Some local plumbers advise using fiberglass tape soaked in epoxy resin after drying and sanding the whole area. However, this technique doesn’t match with the plumbing codes. So, we won’t officially recommend this process.

Technique for dry-fitting PVC pipe?

The very first technique to dry-fit the PVC pipe is to work on a joint at a time. If the last joint is kind of mobile, it will eventually affect the upcoming fittings as well. 

The rule of “one joint at a time” mostly solves this issue, and the end assembly results are pretty satisfactory. Additionally, you can try some sanding strips on a daily basis to make a proper fitting.

What To Use To Clean Stone Dust From A Miter Saw?

Cleaning the miter saw is a must thing if the saw is filled with dust, grits, and stones. In such consequences, a vacuum & brushes can mostly do the cleaning.

  • At first, we would suggest using a precision vacuum that can quickly suck the dust out from even stubborn corners.
  •  Using a swab dipped in alcohol can easily clean dust from tight corners. They are the best alternative after vacuum.
  • You can even use brushes to clean the stones. It is one of the easiest methods to drive grits and dust out.
  • Never use a blowgun as it tends to move the dust into deeper parts instead of driving it out.

Can A 10 Inch Miter Saw Cut A 4×4?

Yes, a 10 inches miter saw can cut a 4×4, but it’s not ideal for this job. In this case, the extra inches make the 10-inch miter saw incompatible with such cuts. 

However, this tool is primarily compatible with all home renovation tasks.

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