Top 5 Best Jigsaw Blade For Cutting Curve Review

One of the most common questions I get is “which jigsaw blade is best for cutting curves?” Curves are the toughest of the lot. They require a lot of precision and finesse. If you are using a regular straight blade, you are likely to spend much of your time just cutting around the curve.

Because a good set of jigsaw blades is a key piece of any jigsaw cut. If your blades aren’t sharp and length, they won’t cut as easily. They also need to be able to handle curves and other hard-to-reach places. So what type of blades are best for this purpose? In this article, I show you the best jigsaw blade for cutting curve in wood. 

best jigsaw blade for cutting curves

BOSCH T101AO3 3-Piece 3-1/4 InBOSCH T101AO3 3-Piece 3-1/4 In
  • Special for wood & plastic.
  • Number of teeth 20.
  • Made from Alloy Steel.
  • T-shank design.
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Elitopt Jig Saw Blades For WoodElitopt Jig Saw Blades For Wood
  • Made from High Carbon Steel.
  • T shape Shank design.
  • 10 pointed teeth per inch.
  • Get 25 pieces of blades.
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Bosch T119BO 3-Inch Jig Saw BladesBosch T119BO 3-Inch Jig Saw Blades
  • Made from metal.
  • 12 TPI tooth.
  • 5 piece pack.
  • Good for Scroll cut.
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Diablo DJT101AOF5 3-1/4 In Jigsaw BladeDiablo DJT101AOF5 3-1/4 In Jigsaw Blade
  • Hardened cutting edge.
  • Optimized tooth design.
  • T-shank design.
  • Applicable for wood.
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Diablo High Carbon Steel Jigsaw BladeDiablo High Carbon Steel Jigsaw Blade
  • High carbon steel edge.
  • T-shank design.
  • Fits all jigsaw blades.
  • Superior performance.
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What is a curved cut jigsaw blade?

Jigsaw is a type of blade that is designed to cut curves or shapes into the material. A curved cut jigsaw blade is used for cutting curves on wood, metal, and other materials.

The best jigsaw blade for cutting curve is typically shaped like the blade used to create an arc when you draw with a compass. You should be able to find them at hardware stores and department stores. These curved cut blades can also be used for cutting curves in moldings. The blade is curved on the side away from you.

Can you cut curves with a jigsaw?

Jigsaws are great tools for cutting curves, but there are a lot of tools out there. The type of curve you want to make will help determine the best tool. For example, if you’re making a frame, you’ll need a jigsaw. But if you want to make a table leg, then you could use a band saw.

And if you’re making a frame for a poster, you might want to get a scroll saw. A scroll saw makes it easy to cut really intricate patterns into wood. You can make all kinds of things with these tools, from cabinets to shelves to tables. A drill press is another useful tool.

How do you cut perfect curves with a jigsaw?

If you don’t want to spend too much money, you can make an attachment for your drill press. You’ll need a small piece of plywood, a drill press, a jigsaw, and a circular saw. First, cut a piece of plywood that fits into the drill press.

Next, center the plywood on the drill press and screw it in place. Then fasten a long, straight wooden piece across the plywood. When you’ve finished this step, use the jigsaw to cut a hole in the plywood about an inch or so above the straight wooden piece.

How To Pick The Best Curve Cutting Jigsaw Blades

When you are going to buy the best jigsaw blade for cutting curve you should consider several things including the material, the thickness, the tooth count, and the brand. Let’s look at this one by one.

Blade Material

You know that there are various types of blades on the market. And while most of them are made of steel, there are some that are made of carbon. But whichever material, you need to look at the type of steel used. It should be in a good shape and should maintain its sharpness.

Type Of Shank

This is the side of the blade that the jigsaw’s clamp will grab and lock into place. It’s either shaped like a “U” or a “T” depending on what kind of jigsaw you are using. The U shank is the old type one while the T shank is most commonly used in the newest jigsaw models. The T-shank blades tend to be more common since they go along with most types of jigsaws.

The number Of Teeth TPI

The quality of the cut is determined by how many teeth you have in your blade. Blades with more teeth will provide a slower cut but a smoother one at the same time. If you need to cut curves faster, you should use a blade with fewer teeth, even if these blades also provide a rougher type of cut.

Length And The Width Of The Blades

There are many factors that go into determining how effective the blades of a jigsaw will be. The width and the length of the blade, along with the speed of the motor are all important aspects in making a smooth cut.

A longer blade is better when you want to cut a wide workpiece or a thick piece of wood. A shorter blade is more suitable when you’re cutting smaller workpieces and/or when you’re cutting curved cuts.

BOSCH T101AO3 3-Piece 3-1/4 In

Best Jigsaw Blade For Cutting Curve

Looking for a curve-cutting jigsaw blade? This Bosch 3-Piece Jigsaw blade is a great tool to have on hand. It’s got a 20 TPI pointed tooth profile and narrow blade body that’s optimized for clean, curved cuts and scrolling. It comes in a 5-piece pack so you can get the most out of your purchase.

This Bosch laminate blade is designed for curved cuts on double-sided laminates, laminated substrates, MDF, hard and softwoods, and plywood. It’s also perfect for cutting scrolls in furniture and craft projects.

This tool is very easy to use and we are always impressed with how well it does the job it’s supposed to do. The teeth are sharp and the edges are extremely smooth. It’s so easy to cut through anything we’ve used it on. The teeth are designed to hold up to heavy cutting and still be able to make clean cuts.

The teeth can get damaged if you try to cut too close to the edge of the workpiece, but that’s a good thing because that means you’re getting closer to a true edge. It’s a little bit hard to keep the blade straight when using it. You have to make sure the blade is perfectly flat before you start cutting and it takes some practice.

  • Every blade has 20 teeth.
  • The blade is 100% suitable for wood and plastic cutting.
  • It is made from alloy steel.
  • It’s a very cheap blade.
  • You may not get any warranty.
  • You can not sharpen the blade.

Elitopt Jig Saw Blades for Wood

Best Jigsaw Blade For Cutting Curve

If you want to replace or upgrade your jigsaw blade, this Jig Saw Blades for Wood: 25-Piece T101B Jigsaw Blades Compatible with the most jigsaw models which accept T shape Shank Jigsaw blades is the perfect solution for you. It’s a great investment for your jigsaw and will last a long time.

Elitopt Jig Saw Blades are designed for most jigsaw models which accept T shape Shank Jigsaw blades, including DEWALT, work with Hitachi, compatible with Milwaukee, compatible with Porter-Cable, fit for Makita, fit for Bosch, fit for Craftsman jigsaws, and so on.

The blades were easy to install and remove. The blades have a sturdy T-shape that keeps them from slipping out. The blades are easy to cut wood, they are great for detail work. The blades are very well-made and have a nice finish.

  • It is made of high-carbon steel.
  • The blades are sharp and cut smoothly.
  • It is easy to store and maintain.
  • The blades are fit on all jigsaws.
  • It produces much heat when cutting hardwood.
  • No warranty.

Bosch T119BO 3-Inch Jig Saw Blades

Best Jigsaw Blades For cutting curves

Looking for a jigsaw blade? This Bosch T119BO 3-Inch Jig Saw Blade is optimized for curved or scroll cutting of wood and wood products 5/16 in. to 1/4 in. thick. It’s also got a 5-piece pack and is great for smaller jobs around the house. Your Bosch jigsaw will thank you for using a quality blade that will last through multiple jobs!

The Bosch T119BO jigsaw blades are a great choice if you’re looking for a long-lasting, professional tool for woodworking. It’s a sturdy, high-quality product that’s built to last. The blades are very sharp and cut through wood quickly and easily.

The blades themselves are a little heavier than what I’m used to, but they aren’t really heavy and the extra weight is worth it. They also have a nice finish and the metal feels strong and durable. The blades are easy to change out when necessary.

Bosch 3-Inch Jig Saw Blades are built to last, so they are perfect for those who are looking for a budget-friendly solution.

  • You may get 5 blades on every pack.
  • Every blade has 12 teeth.
  • Its weight is only 0.01 Pounds.
  • It is a universal design.
  • It comes from ‎Switzerland.
  • No warranty.

Diablo DJT101AOF5 3-1/4 in Jigsaw blade

Best Jigsaw Blades For cutting curves

Need a new blade for your jigsaw? The Diablo DJT101AOF5 jigsaw blade is specially designed to provide up to 5x longer blade life compared to other blades. The optimized tooth design delivers a clean, precise cut every time. This blade is compatible with all combo and most U-shank jigsaws. Your jigsaw deserves the best blade and you deserve a better life.

This jigsaw blade is optimized for all combo and most U-shank jigsaws. It also works with corded and cordless saws. You don’t need too many blades for your jigsaw! We like Diablo because it is a good starter jigsaw blade for our customers. The Diablo is also great because it is of great value. You get a great product at a reasonable price.

The biggest issue we have with Diablo is that it has a tendency to wobble when you try to make a cut with it. We have found that this can be fixed by turning the blade upside down and spinning the tool around, then flipping it back over and trying again. This seems to fix the wobble.

We would recommend this blade to anyone looking for a curve-cutting jigsaw blade. We have used other blades in the past but these are by far the best blades we have ever used.

  • It comes with a T-shank design.
  • Easily fits on all the jigsaw.
  • The blade has an Ultra-hardened cutting edge.
  • Its weight is only ‎0.845 ounces.
  • Its price is quite high from another blade.
  • The supplier does not provide any warranty.

Diablo High Carbon Steel T-Shank Jig Saw Blade

Best Jigsaw Blades For cutting wood

Need a new jigsaw? Diablo High Carbon Steel T-Shank Jig Saw Blade is the perfect tool for cutting curves, thin sheets, and soft materials. With a thin kerf blade and optimized tooth design, you’ll find it’s easier to make clean, straight cuts. And its thin profile makes it ideal for tight spaces. It’s time to update your saws. This jigsaw blade will work with any combo or most U-shank saws. It also works well with corded and cordless saws.

The Diablo blades are the best quality we have ever used. They have a nice finish on them that is easy to cut carved. We use them to cut all kinds of wood and plastics. They are great and last a long time. We don’t really have anything to say about these blades. They work very well and are a great value for the money.

The first time we used this blade, we were amazed at how quickly we could cut through wood, plastic, and aluminum. It’s a very sharp blade that is extremely durable. You can expect it to last for years of use. We recommend this blade to anyone cut for a curved.

  • It has a high carbon steel cutting edge.
  • Very long-lasting blade.
  • The T-shank design fits all jigsaw.
  • Its the price is a little high.
  • It may produce vibration.


As you can see from the above, there are a variety of jigsaw blades available on the market. And there are so many different types of cuts you could make with them. So to help you make the best decision for your own needs, I’ve listed my top recommendations below.

So, with this approach, you’ll be able to choose the jigsaw blades that are best for the job. This means you’ll end up using your jigsaw blades as long as they’re in great condition. And that’s the best deal ever.

FAQ of The Best Jigsaw Blades For cutting curves

What type of jigsaw blade can cut tight curves?

It’s hard to answer this question as it all depends on the type of material, size of the piece, etc. So let’s use an example: the material you are cutting is wood. The wood is thick, but not too thick. You are cutting a decorative curve. I would suggest using a metal-cutting blade. A metal-cutting blade is made of tungsten carbide and is very sharp.

Can I use a jigsaw instead of a circular saw?

Circular saws are much easier to use than jigsaw saws. But jigsaws are generally harder to use than circular saws. Jigsaws are not designed for cutting thick material like hardwood. You can still make great cuts with a jigsaw, but you will need a good jigsaw blade, which can be purchased from any local hardware store. 

What tool is best used to make curved cuts?

A hand saw, power miter saw bandsaw, circular saw, handsaw, or combination tool. There isn’t one tool that is best for all jobs, and you should use the right tool for the job.

If your project requires a complex cut, you should use a power tool such as the miter saw. This will allow you to make a very accurate and clean cut. For a straight cut, a handsaw will do the job.

What is the difference between T shank and U shank jigsaw blades? 

A “T” shank is flat on one end, rounded on the other end, whereas a “U” shank is round on both ends. T-shanks are used when cutting non-symmetrical shapes. For example, a curved line like a curved window frame, or a circle like the head of a door. U-shanks are used for straight lines and are a more common choice for cutting wood because of their durability.

In general, the smaller the diameter, the more durable the drill bit. This is because the smaller the bit, the greater the number of cutting teeth. U-shank drill bits are available in a variety of sizes, with diameters ranging from 1/16 to 1/2.

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