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The Miter saws are one of the most useful tools you can get for your workshop. And They help you to make illimitable cuts with issues whatsoever. Sometimes it is a worksite where there is no guarantee of power. You can see the best cordless miter saw. A cordless saw is used with a battery that can be charged before use or after. So, it makes it easy for you to work in a place where there is no power. Now the question comes which one to buy? Today, there are so many options on the market that it becomes challenging for you to choose the best miter devises according to your specifications. 

So, we have reviewed and tested many saws and finally tried to put forth a review of the best product on the market today just for your convenience.



Features: Power of corded, Freedom of cordless, Runtime up to 289 Cross Cuts, Brushless motor, weighs only 56lbs, automatically changes voltage.

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Premium ChoiceMakita XSL06PTMakita XSL06PT

Features: two LXT batteries, BL Brushless motor, up to 192 cuts per charge, Automatic speed change technology,  Electric brake provides.

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Grate ValueMilwaukee 2733-21 M18Milwaukee 2733-21 M18

Features: Brushless motor, up to 600 cuts per charge, Weight only 35.2 lbs, carbide tipped blade, M12 multi-voltage charger, dust bag.

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Ryobi 18-Volt One+ 7-1/4Ryobi 18-Volt One+ 7-1/4″ ​

Features: LED cutline indicator, angle cuts up to 45°, maximum 5330 rpm, positive miter stops, Electric brake stops,  carbide-tipped blade.

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Features: 10 positive stops, lightweight 31.6 lbs, 20V Max Battery Pack, up to 183 cuts per charge, better accuracy and visibility, Carbide Blade, Users Guide.

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Delta S26-262LDelta S26-262L

Features: Bevels left from 0° to 47°, powerful 15 amp motor, Miter saw stands, Leightweight 25 lbs, Blade size 10 inch, laser guide for accurate cuts.

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Bosch GCM12SDBosch GCM12SD

Features: 1 touch lock/unlock, Weight is only 65 lbs, 14 inch horizontal cuts, 2x material with a vacuum,  Axial-Glide System, easy-access upfront controls.

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Best Overall

The best cordless miter saw that we recommend the DEWALT DHS790AT2. Because It is one of the best products on the market that you could buy. And That device allows you to get excellent and accurate cuts along with the wood; moreover, it delivers both power and precision to your hands. This DEWALT cordless miter saw a 120V brushless motors, which provides you with longer runtime. 

It gives you a tall sliding fence that supports your crown molding up to 7 – 1/2 inches. And It is a lightweight, portable device; moreover, it also comes with an adjustable free cutline blade positioning system for you.


The DEWALT DHS790AT2 is our first recommendation for you. That is one of the devices out there that you can get with your money. The device has a 12 inches blade and a 3800 RPM speed, which gives power and stability to one machine; moreover, it also increases your cutting accuracy on the wood. This DEWALT has a dual battery configuration; moreover, the flex volt innovation gives you a feature of voltage change automatically when you change tools. It also has a runtime of 289 crosscuts. That is built for your longer and more time-consuming jobs to do more work in a 3 –1/4 baseboard crown molding. It is one of the best 7 – 1/2 cordless miter saw.

Best Cordless Miter Saw CHECK PRICE

The device also comes with a CUTLINE blade positioning feature, which allows you to adjust your blades while cutting to get more accurate and precious cuts on the wood. And It has a dual feature of cordless and wired. It also gives you a long-lasting run time with a dust bag.

What’s to like –The feature to catch your eye in an instant is its cutting retention. You get 6 – 3/4 to 7 – 1/2 inches cuts on this device. It gives you more wood tearing power and much faster cuts; moreover, the DEWALT device comes with a 60 tooth saw blade. Another thing is the CUTLINE blade guiding features that we liked very much. It allows you to get a precision wood experience like never before.

What’s not to like –The thing you might not be fond of is the price tag. But considering its durability and performance, it is undoubtedly worth it.

  • Lithium-ion Battery power
  • Brushless motor
  • Cutting options
  • 7 – 1/2 inches capacity of cutting
  • CUTLINE blade guiding system
  • 60 tooth blade
  • 289 cross-chopping capability
  • Price


Are you the type of person who likes newer Technologies? Then the Makita XSL06PT is the best cordless miter saw for you. That device is a dual bevel lithium-ion device with an automatic speed change function. And it has two LTX batteries, which gives you more extended battery backup without any problem with power – failure nor lower runtime.  It has a 4400 RPM high torque motor with 10 inches blade. That device is a beast in the right hands. It gives power and precision to one device. So, The Lithium-ion battery backup allows you to get 334 crosscuts in one to go in 2 x 4 SPF and 192 crosscuts in 2 x 12 SPF kinds of wood. You also get more than 50% runtime. But it does not overheat when you are using it for a long tie.  It gives you to use a 10 inches blade, and the capacity of cutting is 6 5/8 inches for your wood crafting. And you also get an option of crosscutting, which is up to 90 degrees.

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What’s to like –The most excellent feature we found in this device and we are sure you will like it is that it gives two ports for dust collection and steel rail. That allows you to get fewer wood chips in your machine and gives you more visibility while working on your projects. 

What’s not to like –The thing that might demoralize you from buying it is the price. But it is on the higher ends. You are looking to put in the money to get one of the best out there. That is the machine you want.

  • Brushless motor
  • Direct drive feature
  • Automatic speed change
  • Charger included
  • 4400 RPM speed
  • 334 maximum crosscutting capacity
  • 90-degree angle
  • Price tag

3. Milwaukee 2733-21 M18 CORDLESS MITER SAW

Milwaukee is the best cordless miter saw for homeowners that provides you excellent quality and performance. This device also gives you stability and durability around the board with its design and portability and also its battery backup, and the blade’s efficiency. It is a 28 lbs device with a 7 – 1/4 inches blade. That gives you accurate cuts; moreover, it has 5000 RPM with a brushless motor for you to get faster and more precious cuts possible on the wood. The battery power and the cut’s capacity allow you to get more productivity, and also, this device is very efficient when it comes to shopping lumber. Another thing is that the machine is capable of delivering you with 600 cuts. 

In one day charge, the battery backup allows you to get almost 600 amounts of cuts or more per single charged battery. 

Best Cordless Miter Saw CHECK PRICE

What’s to like – The thing that caught our eye is that this Milwaukee cordless miter saw is lightweight and comes with a 5 – year warranty. The manufacturers gave you the flexibility and reduced your worries by giving you the word of replacement if the product had any issues.

What’s not to like – It might be a little nitpicking, but the saw arm is more massive than other saws on the market. But it will not take you more than a few hours to get used to the slightly heavyweight the device brings t your hand.  

  • 600 cuts per charge
  • Lightweight
  • en stops for cutting
  • Heavy saw arm

4. Ryobi 18-Volt One+ 7-1/4″

Are you looking for a simple and best Cordless miter saw? Then this is for you. Because the Ryobi cordless compound miter saw offers you a lightweight, efficient cordless saw portable and that is manufactured for your convenience. So, that has a good reputation for delivering good performance and high-quality products. It has 24 carbides tipped teeth for ripping wood; moreover, it has a nine stop bevel system, and crosscutting capacity is 4 – 1/4 inches.

What’s to like – The most attractive feature we found on this device is its leaser guide feature for your accurate cutting. 

Best Cordless Miter Saw CHECK PRICE

What’s not to like –It maybe not con to many of you, but we found the batter or the charger not being included a con.

  • Multi stopping bevel
  • Horizontal blade
  • Carbide tipped teeth
  • Laser guide
  • Battery or charger not being included

5. DEWALT DCS361M1 20V Max

This DEWALT cordless compound miter saw will catch your eye at first glance. That is one of the top power tool manufacturers in the country today. They have an outstanding reputation for delivering quality products at a lower price range. The DEWALT DCS361M1 is a 20V high torque and lightweight device that gives you portability and also accuracy. The device has a SS miter scale, which is adjustable. You can adjust the miter according to your cutting preferences; moreover, the miter detent plate has positive stops that count to 10.  It also comes with a 7 – 1/4 inches blade and a sharp carbide tipped tooth blade; moreover, 

Best Compound Miter saw CHECK PRICE

it also produces less vibration when you are cutting.  It also gives you the oversized bevel feature that you can use at a 3 degree to 48-degree angle. That is the best miter saw for fine woodworking.

What’s to like –The nice thing for you about this device is that it has a ten stop feature for your accurate angle cuts. It gives you more flexibility while cutting and an adjustable stainless steel miter allows you to get the miter cuts at various angles.

What’s not to like – The bevel lever is positioned very poorly, making it a little difficult for you to use it. We recommend it if the lever positioning does not bother you. It can especially be noticed while you are working.

  • Lightweight
  • Precise adjustments
  • Low vibration
  • XPS LED light
  • Bevel’s poor positioning 

6. Delta S26-262L

This is one of those lightweight, easy portable cordless compound miter saws that are easy to carry to your worksite without any problems. Delta is a renowned company on the market that manufactures quality products for everyday working-class people like us; moreover, the Delta S26 – 262L is one of their crown jewels.  This device is lightweight, weighs only 6.4 ounces, and has a high-power brushless motor with 5500 RPM speed provides you longer run time. It gives the luxury of easy portability and the power of ripping woods like butter. The Delta S26 – 262L can be used with almost any miter saw stands you got and has a spindle lock to hold the spindle tightly in place; moreover, 

Best Cordless Miter saw CHECK PRICE

it can be securely adjustable while the bade nut is loosened and removed from its site. The device allows you to cut 4 x 4 and 2 x 6 at a 90-degree angle nominally, and with one pass is 2 x 6, which gives you much more versatility while cutting; moreover, you can adjust the bevel from 0 to 47 degrees. The Delta S26 – 262L is the best miter saw for beginners. 

What’s to like –The device is very lightweight and easy to use, which will catch your eyes just like that. It gives you more productivity and efficiency as it is easy to carry and has enough power to cut through wood.  Another thing is its adjustable bevel and spindle locking a system which you ask us is just amazing to see in a saw.

What’s not to like – The con we found on this device is that according to some users that the materials are cheaper and tend to dull in a short period and small wood projects.

  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable dual bevel
  • 5500 RPM speed
  • Spindle locking feature
  • Pricy compared to the materials used in it

7. Bosch GCM12SD

The Bosch GCM12SD maybe the last best cordless miter saw on our list, but this device is not for granted. This list is about the best compound miter saw, not the best from the worst. The Bosch has a glide feature that allows you to glide the saw according to your needs. That gives you wider crosscuts on the wood, and you also get better alignment due to sliding the saw in place and locking it while cutting; moreover, this gliding feature saves your 12 inches working space. This device also gives you extended capacity for cutting almost up to 14 inches horizontally and vertically, roughly around 6 1/2 inches; moreover, it offers against the fence a crown capacity of 45 springs.

It provides you with easy adjustments to the bevel and the stainless steel miter scale. 


The machine’s bevel detents from 0 to 33.9 degrees and 45 degrees to the left or right, which gives you accurate cuts across the board; moreover, the device promises 90 percent more dust collecting capability.  The Bosch GCM12SD has a square lock fence system, allowing you to adjust the fence at a 90-degree angle to the table and get a one-touch lock or unlock feature.

What’s to like – This device is fantastic and very versatile while using. The most eye-catching thing about the device is the adjustable bevel and the square lock 90-degree fence system. That gives you so much flexibility while working on your projects.  

What’s not to like – We are about to say maybe nitpicking, but the only thing we did not find, and we would love to have the capability to make square cuts with this device. This device does not allow you to make square cuts along with the lumber as you would have on some other products on our list.

  • saw gliding system
  • 90-degree fence 
  • Adjustable bevel capacity
  • 14 inches cut’s ability horizontally 
  • No square cutting feature

Buyer’s Guide 

  • Power – The device’s power should be the first thing you look into while selecting it. The more RPM it delivers, the more it makes it easy to rip through a wood; moreover, the more torque you get, the more efficient and faster you get while cutting.
  • Voltage – You need a saw that provides you with a sufficient voltage to know which saw works in that Range of voltage. The standard for that measure is 18 volts. Anything below that range insufficient as the tool will not get enough voltage to work with, and your cuts will not be smooth and accurate.
  • Blade – The type of knife that comes with the device or you buy separately affects your cutting capacity and depth of that cut. A bigger blade for a lower RPM device will make your cuts less smooth and inaccurate. As the edge is more significant and the device’s power capacity is lower. So, select the blade according to your device’s specifications.
  • Safety features – Safety elements provided with a device is essential for your betterment. You should look carefully before selecting a power that does not give you the safety you will need while handling a power tool such as – a blade guard to protect your hands, a blade braking system for emergency stops. The electric brake is more helpful. its dust collection for better visibility, and lastly, less vibration to keep your control over the machine. 

Final Verdict

If you are a beginner and a professional, you need the best cordless miter saw at your disposal. We have selected the best cordless device available on the market on this review available on market, which gives the best product on a budget. Our top pick is the Dewalt cordless miter saw, aka the DHS790AT2, which gives you the overall best device for your money. Our best recommendation is to look for a comfortable, portable, flexible, accurate, and powerful saw for your on-site jobs.This device is exact while cutting; moreover, it gives you 3800 RPM and a dual battery, allowing the saw to run longer. It also has the feature of changing voltage automatically. When the battery is running low, or your on-site plug gives less or more voltage, this device automatically adjusts the voltage to save it from getting ruined. We recommend the Milwaukee cordless saw, and another one would be the Ryobi cordless device if you are looking for a higher-end device with maximum power. And we have also put a few other products on our top picks for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the best cordless miter saw?

Various companies make many partially right machines, but it is hard to choose a perfect one for the utmost pleasant service. So for that reason, we have a product which is the most well-known and polished brand. It is DEWALT. This company is famous for its service from the very beginning. It has excellent stability, raw power, efficient cutting blades, the most crucial part durability, and after-sales service. It has an excellent reputation for its use, and the company has defended its position till this very day. DEWALT FLEXVOLT is the one you should buy.


It has splendid accessibility and efficiency for work. Tall sliding walls uphold crown shapes up to 7-1/2″settled and base trim up to 6-3/4″ vertically against the fence—adjustable stainless steel plate with the versatility of 60-degree angle. The dimension of DEWALT FLEXVOLT is 24 x 20 x 32 inches, and it uses 140-volt power. It has one of the best batteries in the industry, which changes its volt as peruse.

Is there a difference between a chop saw and a miter saw?

There is a significant difference between a chop saw and a miter saw. Chop saws are fixed in position, and the miter saws are adjustable for its cut position. Chop saws work only move up and down to cut where the miter devices can be flexible for a different angle. Miter saws are usually designing for a 45-degree tip. However, depending on your use, both of the saws are good for work. It is not significant that one saw is right, and another one is bad. But it is easy and reliable to have and extra efficiency for work. Makita XSL06PT 18V is a cordless miter saw, which is very efficient. It works perfectly with the angle you need.

It comes with LXT batteries; x2 LXT technology delivers decent power, speed, and runtime without a cord’s hassles. It has the capability of 334 cuts per charge in 2×4 SPF and up to 192 cuts per charge in 2×12 SPF lumber. The dimension of this device is 22.44 x 32.68 x 21.65 inches.

Do you need a sliding miter saw?

It depends on how you are willing to work. On occasions, you might need a miter saw, or a chop saw, or a bevel sliding compound miter saw. It not be fixed that any one kind of saw is terrible, but the sliding compound miter device is very versatile, and it is much more efficient to use than a standard chop saw, or miter saw. Milwaukee 2733-21 M18 is a fantastic sliding compound saw with a dual bevel. It is as professional as it sounds, and it has great potential to work as an overall saw.


If you are the one to work at home and want a versatile device that you can use with ease, then it is for you. It is battery-powered, so fewer chords, and the dimension of this device is 24.8 x 16.14 x 25 inches.

Can I use a miter saw as a chop saw?

Yes, it is very much the same as the chop saw but more efficient as it can adjust to the desired angle. A chop saw usually cuts from up and down, but a miter device can use as it’s the angle. If you want to buy a device it as perfect as it will work as a chop saw, and you can use the versatility for your utmost ideal condition. RYOBI 18-Volt ONE+ is a useful compound saw which you can use for both methods. The device can move 45 degrees as you pleased, and it is cordless, which gives you a less problematic situation with cords. Which has a 2×4 chopping capacity and 4-1/4″. The device weighs 21.4 pounds and its dimension is 20.3 x 13.5 x 12 inches.

What is better, a table saw, or a miter saw?

It is not that a table saw is better, or a miter device. It is about the work you are going to perform. Table saw usually cuts larger objects at ease where miter device can cut from a different angle with smaller cut ration. Table saw and meter saw can overlap with each other, but the table saw is more frequent where you can adjust the board for your desired cut. But for the beginner, the miter device is best as it’s angled are fixed, and it cuts as you wish. DEWALT DCS361M1 is an excellent device with productivity. It uses a 20v battery, which provides an average of 183 cuts 2×4 pine or 275 cuts of 3-1/4 pine baseboard. It’s capacity to cup 3 5/8″ nested crown and 3 1/2 base vertically.

What is the best cordless miter saw for a beginner?

That is really very hard for beginners to choose the best cordless miter saw, but if you ought to choose one, then Delta cordless miter device with laser is the best option you can find. It is a device that has great versatility with ease of work. It has flawless service, which you need for must and the easy way of use. The laser will help you determine where to aim for your cut. Some might suggest you buy something unconventional, but you would buy a Delta device with a laser if you were to purchase. It is easy and efficient to work. It has a laser, and it is less risky to use.

Can a miter saw cut plywood?

If you want to cut plywood on a miter device, the Bosch device is the best cordless miter saw for the money. It is pretty handy to work, and not all miter devices cut plywood as it is much harder than any other processed woods. Plywood simply needs more precise cutting ability. In the market, all saws have the best plywood cutting blade. But the Bosch device is more effective. And it has an excellent record for its service, productivity, durability, and affordability.

Are miter saw safe?

Miter saws or saws, in general, are pretty dangerous things. As for the miter device, it fixes with a panel that is safe to handle. The user must use the utmost caution. If you are a beginner, you must wear protective gloves, which provide safety from cutting. Get yourself trained by professionals and take lessons on how to use it. Use all safety measures, and you are good to go.

Are miter saw worth it?

Yes, For sure the miter device is worth it. It can use for various purposes, such as DIY(Do it yourself) and small business. Anyone can use it is, because it is entirely mechanical but easy to use, but the recommendation for safety gears is most important. If you want to make fair use of your free time, then miter saw is utmost worth your time. 

Why your miter saw is not cutting straight?

There could be many reasons that your device is not cutting as straight as it was, or it is not doing it right from the box. So, we have narrowed down a few reasons, and they are –

  • The blade is damaged
  • The bevel gauge is broken while working or
  • during shipping
  • Malfunction in the miter gauge
  • The fence is not stable 

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