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If you are a handyman or into DIY or a craftsman, you need a circular saw blade to get your hands on. Without a perfect tool, you cannot work your magic on the lumber. 

Circular saws are potent tools made for artisans just like you to make your work faster and more efficient. Having a power tool in your hand makes it so much easier to do your job; moreover, while working on specific lumber such as plywood. 

So you will need a plywood blade at your disposal. That is why we have come up with a short review for you to get the needed information you want before buying your blade. 

This list is about the best on the market available for ordinary people such as us. And someone can be installed in any miter sawcircular saw, or table saws if its arbor size becomes 2/5 in. They can also cut steel, aluminum, and sheet metal.


Best Over AllDEWALT DWA171460 DEWALT DWA171460

Features: Made from high-density tungsten, Carbide for toughness, wear-resistance, Tough coat anti-stick, Optimized for use on both corded and cordless.

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Premium ChoiceOshlun SDS-0842 Oshlun SDS-0842

Features: Grade C-4 carbide, Full body chippers, Storage/ Carrying Case, Shim set for fine adjustments, Dado Saw Teeth 42, Arbor size 5/8 Inch, Chipper Teeth 6.

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Grate ValueFreud D12100X Freud D12100X

Features: Special Tico Carbide formula, Thin kerf triple chip, Double-sided laminates, Perma-Shield coating, Anti-Vibration reeds, Heat expansion slots, Freud’s Limited Lifetime Guarantee.

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Mibro Group 416381 Mibro Group 416381

Features: Precise grooves with clean edges, Square shoulders and flat bottoms, Set includes two 8″ outer blades, seven metal shims, Durable case.

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Renegade 2pk Blade Renegade 2pk Blade

Features: Trimmer Brush cutter Blades, blades are “Universal Fit” , 2 small discs, nut, and cotter pin, 20.0mm with reducer washer, 10x longer than plain steel.

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GRAFF Speedcutter 115 GRAFF Speedcutter 115

Features: circular saw blade 4 ½ Inch, 3 tungsten carbide teeth, antikickback design, grinder cutting wheel provides smooth grinding and carving.

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Our Best Pick Overall

Our overall best pick from the list we prepared is the DEWALT DWA171460 Saw Blade. It is one of the best tool blades you can find to fit your device and start ripping wood-like butter.  

There have some reasons for picking that blade. Firstly this is a lightweight blade with much better cutting capacity; moreover, the edge also gives you durability and stability beyond belief. 

And that is our number one and our recommendation to all of you out there. The blade had made from high-density tungsten, which gives you more rigid blades, and they do not break during your long run through the wood. 

It comes with a coating of the anti-stick, which prevents gunk from building up on the blade, and you get all of these services without busting your bank. That is our best pick when it comes to cutting framing lumber.

Buyer’s Guide

Blade size

The blade size matters as if you have a lesser RPM device and bought a bigger blade, then the edge will not sprint, thus hampering your cutting. So, you need to select the blade size according to the device that you are using.

Tooth count

As per rules, the higher tooth count per inch gives you smoother cuts. And The alternate top bevel ensures your cutting be accurate, smooth, and angled, not getting stuck between the wood while cutting. 

Arbor size

The standard arbor size is 5/8 inches. Anything above is excellent for angle cutting and also for slicing straight through woods.

Durability and warranty

The blade’s durability depending on the materials that have been used to make it. Most blades are making in tungsten carbide tips, which are very durable, and you can use them for general purposes—another thing before buying an edge always to check the warranty on the product.

1. DEWALT DWA171460

Best Circular Saw Blade Check On Amazon

If you want to cut the hardwood, then dwa171460 is the best option for you. Because DWA171460 is at the top of the market line today for its quality and performance, your money can get you.  

The blade is high-density tungsten made, which provides you with toughness, durability, and a long-lasting edge in your hand. It is 7 1/4 inches and 60 tooth blade, which is excellent for more significant cuts and wood; moreover, it gives you a much better cutting capacity. And its thinner kerf will provide you with a quick amount with no resistance.

The blade provides a thin kerf design, which is great for your longer cuts and gives you smoother cuts and the lumber. The other thing is that it has a reinforced shoulder for your worksite impacts and an anti-stick coating to prevent gunk build-up on your blade. 

The blade is compatible with both the corded saw and cordless miter saws you have in your workshop. All this makes it one of the best circulars saw cutters for plywood, softwood, framing lumber, and sheet metal.

What’s to like – The thing is that we liked the blade’s compatibility very much. So That blade can use in both cordless and corded saws. The reinforced shoulders, which help impact while you are working on different sites or projects. And it gives you more clean and precise cuts.

What’s not to like – During longer cuts or stiffer plywood, the blade sometimes vibrates while cutting. That is the only thing we found as a fault in this device, but if you have the tightly bolted knobs of the blade, there is nothing to worry about.

  • 7 ¼ inches blade.
  • 60 tooth saw blade.
  • Impact resistance.
  • Anti-vibration vent.
  • Durable and precise cuts.
  • Vibration

2. Oshlun SDS-0842 circular saw blade

Best Circular Saw Blade Check On Amazon

Suppose you are a handyman and work on projects such as floors, doors, plywood, etc. The blade is only for you because it is the best option for durability and heavy-duty. 

It is a C–4 carbide professional grade blade made for cutting smoothly through wood like butter. And it is not a non-ferrous metal blade that is made for metal cuts. The carbide tips on the edge provide you with perfect precision while ripping through lumber for bevel angle cuts. 

The blade also comes with a time set, which allows you to make accurate and slight adjustments while working; moreover,

It comes with an 8 inches blade and a 5/8 inches arbor. On the other hand, it has 42 teeth and six chipper teeth, which helps you get a smooth finish, accurate and faster cutting, and the oak.

What’s to like – Upon our using, we saw that the blade’s built quality is top of the line, which gives you durability, stability, and resistance in impact. Another thing is the arbor and the chipper teeth it comes. This feature allows more flexibility and efficiency during your works.

What’s not to like – The dado set it comes with has bad built quality. The dado blade chips out upon some users while working on hard plywood.

  • Shime set.
  • C – 4 carbide tip blade.
  • 8 inches blade and 5/8 inches arbor.
  • 42 carbide teeth.
  • Cheap dado blade quality.

3. Freud D12100X

Best Circular Saw Blade Check On Amazon

That is a lightweight saw blade great for your faster and precision cutting. That is a great blade, also considered one of the best knives for cutting MDF. It can cut MDF, plywood, or hardwood like nothing. 

It is a 12 inches blade made in china. The edge comes with 100 tooth carbide tips, which allows you to get equal smooth cuts along with the oak. 

It also comes with laser-cut stabilizer vents, which reduces vibration while working and gives you more control over the blade for smoother and more accurate cuts; moreover, it has a sheer face grind, which helps you make cuts as easy as cutting butter. 

That is a perfect blade which lightweight and durable.

What’s to like – The blade provides smoothness while you are cutting, producing fewer vibrations and noise. 

That allows you to control the edge better and guide it as you want the cut to be. Secondly, the blade is durable, and it is one of the best circulars saw blades for cutting MDF.

What’s not to like – The price is not something that we are a fan of. Considering the service, durability, stability it gives, the price is a little higher if you like us, but without that, this is a fantastic blade.

  • Precious and accurate.
  • Rip cuts.
  • Reduces material waste.
  • 100 tooth carbide tip.
  • Price tag.

4. Mibro Group 416381 circular saw blade

Best Circular Saw Blade Check On Amazon

This blade is one of the best circulars saw blades for cutting hardwood on the fly. The edge is meant for precision in every step of your craftsman’s journey. 

The blade cuts smooth and accurate due to its square shoulders and flat bottom, which helps you get precious and clean cuts on the edges.  The package has 8 inches outer blade (two), two – wing chippers of five; moreover, you also get seven metal shime to make necessary adjustments to the edge. 

The slot widths range is from 1/4 inches to 13/16 inches, and the tooth count is 24. Another feature is that you get negative hook angles for carbide tooth and chippers so that you can make those smooth and splinter-free flat bottom grooves. 

It also has anti-vibration slots and expansion slots that decrease the risk of sideways movement. It is a perfect blade for using bevel angle cuts.

What’s to like – The thing that caught our eye is the carbide tooth and chipper’s negative hook angle. That allows you to get precious and accurate cuts and almost splinter-free cuts on the oak. The blade is also very durable, and the manufacturers also provide you with a case with internal dividers that keep your components safe.

What’s not to like – The 8 inches blade set is slightly inaccurate right out of the box. The blade may need some time to adjust before you start ripping woods with it.

  • 24 tooth carbide tip general purpose blade.
  • Anti-vibration vents.
  • 8 inches outer blade set.
  • Seven metal shimes for adjustments.
  • Negative hook angle.
  • Price.
  • Dado cuts are difficult to make with the dado set that comes with it.

5. Renegade 2pk Blade

Check On Amazon

The Renegade is an 8 inches blade with 56 teeth, razor-sharp, and suitable for trimming and cutting through woods. The carbide tip blades are incredibly durable and can last up – to 10x longer than any straight steel blade. That gives the edge more stability, and you can also work with this for a more extended period. 

  • In the packaging, you get five types of specially designed blades –
  • General-purpose cutting
  • RSB brushless and brambles bladeRed RAZOR hybrid combination blade
  • Green VIPER brambles blade
  • Blue HAWK hybrid brush

The blades are made for a universal fit that means you can fit the edge using the blade kit, which also comes with adjusting the blade in any device you have at your disposal. This blade is the only one on amazon that has been approved by UL, LLC.

What’s to like – The versatility you get from this blade is incredible. There are five types of special blades with the package that allow you to experiment with different edges and their cutting pattern. That makes you more flexible and efficient for any kind of work.

What’s not to like – That depends on the device on which you are using the blade. Depending on the device, the edge tends to hit the blade guard while working as the blade is 1/8 inches wider than your standard blades.

  • 56 teeth general purpose blade.
  • 10x longer lasting blade life.
  • Five types of edges in the package.
  • Blade kit.
  • 1/8 inches wider, which makes it challenging to use on some devices.

6. GRAFF Speedcutter 115 circular saw blade

Check On Amazon

The Grinder speed cutter 115 is a lightweight saw blade with three tungsten carbide teeth. This blade may be the last one we discussed, but it one of the best on the market that your money can get you. 

You will get a 4 1/2 inches grinder disc in the package, which has a semi-circular tooth shape and is made from unique tungsten carbide. This grinding disc is excellent for sculpting and cutting wheels, and this is one of the best circulars saw you can get.

The angle grinder does not overheat; this allows you to work continuously for a more extended period. That happens because the grinder disc creates the needed radial resistance value while in high rotation.

The blade is a multipurpose circular saw, and it the best saw blade for cutting laminate flooring. 

What’s to like – We are genuinely amazed that the manufacturers came up with the overheating while the blade is in constant use. The grinder disc keeps the edge from overheating and allows you to work continuously throughout the day.

What’s not to like – The blade has kickbacks when attached to a device while cutting. That sometimes disrupts your control over the device, but this is something you need to get used to as almost any power tool you use you will get some kickbacks while cutting.

  • Lightweight.
  • 4 1/2 inches grinder disc.
  • 7/8 inches arbor.
  • No overheating.
  • Kickbacks.


We have discussed so many products and came up with some of the crosscutting blades you can find in your local market without busting the bank. Upon our discussion, we have selected and highly recommend you the DWA171460 Blade, which is a 7 1/4 inches blade with 60 teeth, impact resistance, and anti-stick coating, giving you rough cuts, durability, and a long-lasting edge on a budget. That provides you with more smooth bevel angle cuts. Apart from that, we have discussed five more highly durable and stable products. Some have many unique features and components that might be convenient for woodworking enthusiasts, but not for the metal cutting blade.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How do I choose a circular saw blade?

There are many ways that you can follow in choosing the best circular saw blade for yourself. There are various types of saw blades, but it depends on how you want them. Each of the edges is designed to cut different materials such as plywood, wood, board, and many more. Hand-held saws accept smaller blade size that is 4-1/2 inches to 7-1/4 inches in diameter. These are typically carbide-tipped. Saw blades for metal can take 14-inches silicon carbide or aluminum oxide abrasive blades. If you want to buy the best edge, DWA171460 is the most renowned blade worldwide. It is what you should choose. 

What is the most popular circular saw blade size?

If you want the most popular tool blade, then Oshlun SDS-0842 is the one you should buy. It is very durable, and it has stack dado blades, which give the most premium cut. The edge has a high tooth, which chippers smooth cut and provides 1/4″ to 29/32″. It is known for less vibration and C4 micro-grain chips. Mostly best for cutting plywood and wood. This blade makes small sore marks, which helps to avoid tear-out and splintering. The blade’s dimension is 8″ Diameter 42 tooth outer saws 6 tooth chippers 5/8″ arbor. It allows cutting plywood very quickly and smoothly.

Which Is the Best Circular Saw Blade for Various Projects

It depends on how or what purpose you will use the circular saw blade. You can cut plywood, hardwood, laminating wood, and doors also. There are various saw blades, but the best saws blade for multiple projects is Freud D12100X Diablo. It has more than 100 teeth for a precise cut and can work very smoothly. It is a high-performance blade that is using for wood and wood composed materials. Super thin and vibrationless stabilized cut. It is also using for direct woodcuts and small projects with wood processed materials. Freud D12100X Diablo is the best blade for various projects.

Are circular saw blades interchangeable between brands?

Usually, a saw blade is especially making for a brand, and the type of knives are made explicitly for that particular brand. It usually comes in different shapes and sizes, and styles. Each blade is making for various materials; one of the main reasons why circular tools are not interchangeable between brands. The edge has different teeth/teeth, which allows the blade to have additional cuts based on the blade. But there is one particular circular saw blade that helps to cut different types of wood and wood processed materials. That is Mibro Group 416381, and the best for plywood and timber. The edge goes up from 1/4″ to 13/16″, increasing in 1/16″ increments. You can use it to cut any wood and wood processed materials.



How Many Teeth Do I Need on My Circular Saw Blade?

It depends on what type of cut you need and what kind of wood you are using. But for the best amount, you have to choose one of the best circular saw blades. A 40 tooth blade works best on plywood, but knives with 60 to 80 blades can cut through any melamine and woods. Renegade Blade is the blade to look for. It has 56 teeth, which can cut through any woods and melamine. It is one of the best saw blades for cutting wood and wood processed materials. That is a universal blade that can fit with any saw miter with the correct size. It is best for hardwood, laminated floor, plywood, door wood. It has 56 sharp teeth that are capable of cutting any material. 

Are more teeth better for a circular saw blade?

There is a different opinion based on the teeth of the circular saw blade. Some blades don’t have any teeth, and some have teeth. A knife with fewer teeth can cut a block of wood or board faster than a blade with more teeth. But a blade with more teeth can do a fine cut and smooth cut with less distortion. GRAFF Speedcutter 4-1/2-Inch blade is a blade that allows a significant amount with a lot less heat because of its specially made appearance. This blade has three big teeth, which enables it to cut precisely with a lot less heat and trouble. It is making out of tungsten, and the blade’s size is 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches. That is a multipurpose blade, but it is best for plywood, laminated floor, hardwood. 

Which Saw blade makes the smooth cut?

Today you have many options to choose a blade. But not all blades cut smoothly. For cutting wood, there are many saw blades which have different types of teeth and dimension. The 44 teeth blade can cut nice and smoothly with a fine cut. It can absorb the vibration and give the desired result. For different materials, you need an additional saw blade. The best circular saw blade for cutting any wood and materials is DWA171460. It is an excellent blade with a great reputation. It is the best blade for plywood and timber processed materials. Usually, a 60 teeth saw blade can cut pretty quickly through any materials.

What type of circular saw blade should I use to cut MDF?

To cut an MDF, you will need a steady circular saw miter, and the best circular saw blade for MDF is DEWALT DWA171460 as it has 60 teeth, which is the most crucial fact of cutting an MDF. An MDF is a unique made material that has glues and can get microscopic particles. It is saying that the best circular saw for cutting MDF materials should have at least 60 teeth and should not get too hot. Too much temperature might affect the glue of MDF and ruin it. The cutting speed needs to be at least 3000 meters per second.

How do cordless circular saws work?

A cordless circular saw works the same as a corded circular saw. Every saw has a small motor and the power option that the blade to cut your object. The cordless circular saw has a battery, which gives power to the saw miter to cut. It uses different blades, Such as 165mm blades, perfect for the compact cutting situation, and some are 360mm blades. DEWALT 6-1/2-Inch is the best battery power circular saw. It uses a 20V battery, which gives it great power. It is known as the best circular saw brand. 

Why are most cordless saws left-handed?

You must be thinking why most of the cordless saws are left-handed. Because it gives you a significant advantage of cut line visibility, and they are typically made left-handed. Most people use their left hand to direct an object and use the right hand to lift or do heavy works. Left-handed saws give the space to see the cut line to ensure a stable and straight cut. It also allows it to maneuver easily. They are best for MDF, OSB/plywood. They are usually small with a 165mm blade size, which is also suitable for smooth cuts. 

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