Can You Cut PVC Pipe With A Miter Saw

If you have a question, can you cut PVC pipe with a miter saw? Our answer is yes, you can use a miter saw for this job as well as a hacksaw or any other type of blade that can make the appropriate width and depth cuts. In order to properly cut PVC, you should have some knowledge about how it works and what it can do for your home improvement projects. This article will tell you everything you need to know!

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Can miter saw cut plastic?

The answer is yes. PVC pipe and plastic cutting tools will easily work with a miter saw. PVC is a lightweight but durable material that can be used for many purposes, from creating irrigation systems to pipelines and even electrical conduits.

Five easiest options for cutting PVC

If you are considering doing some home improvement projects by yourself, PVC pipe might be the perfect material for your needs. However, in order to successfully work with it, you will have to cut this type of plastic first. The most common tools used when making DIY projects at home or even on job sites for cutting PVC.

PVC Pipe Cutter: this is the most traditional type of tool used for cutting PVC. The cutter is a manual device that has adjustable blades and usually, it can make any cut between the pipe diameter.

Can You Cut PVC Pipe With A Miter Saw

Can You Cut PVC Pipe With A Miter Saw

Miter Saw: this one requires some knowledge of working with power tools and it can only be used for making smaller diameter cuts, but miter saws are very precise and easy to use.

Reciprocating saw: this is not the best option for cutting PVC because it can damage its internal structure, but if you are in a hurry and need to cut larger pieces of plastic pipes then this tool might be perfect.

Can You Cut PVC Pipe With A Miter Saw
Can You Cut PVC Pipe With A Miter Saw

Table saw: if you want to make a clean cut with PVC, then this is the best option. However, using table saws for cutting plastic can be dangerous since they are very powerful tools and require good knowledge of how to work them properly.

What is the best tool to cut PVC pipe??

It is hard to choose one single option since it really depends on your needs. If you are looking for a portable tool, then the hacksaw or reciprocating saw would be perfect. However, when you want precise cuts and need access to lots of power tools in order to make larger diameter PVC pipe cuttings, table saws might be a better choice.

If you want to make large-diameter cuts, miter saws are the best option for cutting PVC while manual PVC pipe cutters can be used by anyone without any special skills or knowledge. However, if you need extremely precise and clean cuts then it is recommended that you buy table saws with high-quality blades made of carbide.

What kind of blade do you need to cut PVC pipe?

The first thing you need to know is that PVC pipe cutting requires a blade with the right width and depth. If you want your cuts to be clean, then it also has to have teeth on both sides of its surface.

Different blades for different purposes

There are many types of tools used when working with plastic pipes, but only some of them can make the desired cuts. Here is a list of blades that you might need when working with PVC:

Single-tooth blade: This type of blade is used for cutting plastic more precisely, but it makes less efficient cuts because its teeth are not visible on both sides. Its depth and width vary between manufacturers so using these parameters try to get the best one for your needs.

Double-tooth blades: These types of blades are better because their teeth can be seen on both sides, which means that they will make cleaner but less accurate cuts than single tooth plastic cutting tools. However, it is important to have a little knowledge about what you need in order to get the best results.

Hyper-kerf blades: this is the best type of blade you can use for making cuts in PVC. It has teeth on both sides, so it will make cleaner cuts than other types and its width is greater which means that less power will be required to cut through plastic pipes.

Our Recommendation Blade for PVC cutting

Can You Cut PVC Pipe With A Miter Saw

Cutting plastic and vinyl siding is a task that takes up the most time when installing new siding.

The problem with cutting these materials is that they are soft, so you can’t use a metal blade or it will get dull quickly. You need to find blades specifically designed for this job, but there aren’t many options out there in the market.

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While not as sharp as other blades on the market, it holds its edge longer than other products we tested making it perfect for DIYers looking to save time during installation of their home’s exterior look and feel without breaking the bank.

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  • The blade has 200 teeth.
  • It is a High carbon-alloy steel blade.
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  • It may produce a lot of sounds.
  • The blade is not suitable for wood.

How to cut PVC pipe with a miter saw?

In order to cut PVC with a miter saw, you have to set the blade at 45 degrees. This way it will follow plastic pipes’ internal structure and make a clean cut without damaging its shape or leaving any burrs on the surface of your material.

Choose the right blade: This type of blade has teeth on both sides and its surface is very smooth. This allows it to make clean cuts without any scratches or burrs left behind, which makes this tool perfect for working with PVC materials.

Choose the angle: there is a thin line on the surface of your miter saw which represents where you can place and hold your pipe in order to make clean cuts without scratching its outer surface. The best way to do it is by taking measurements from both ends of the material and placing them right behind this thin line.

Mark PVC: Once you know how long each section of the pipe has to be, you have to mark them on both ends. If they are not even, it will lead to an irregular cut which can damage your material in some way.

Cut PVC: place one end of the plastic pipe right behind that thin line and push it slowly towards the blade until you hear a click sound when its blade touches the pipe. If you hold it in that position and pull it back a little bit, then it will make the cut without any problems.

Tips & Trick

There are some things you need to be aware of when using a miter saw for cutting PVC pipes or other types of plastic materials. These include keeping your hands away from blades because they might cause you injuries and using PVC instead of wood for marking because it is less likely to move or distort.

Miter saws are one of the most useful tools you can use when working with plastic pipes, but they require a little bit more knowledge than other types since their blades might cause some injuries if used incorrectly. When making cuts in your pipe, it is important to remember that they have to be straight and clean in order for them not to damage your material.

PVC cutting tools can be used in order to make clean and accurate cuts, but you do not necessarily need them. It is possible to cut PVC with your hands or use a plastic pipe cutter if it has sharp edges. However, these methods are more difficult than others so they should only be done when necessary.


Cutting PVC with a miter saw is a great way to work with this material. You can easily cut plastic using a miter saw or any other blade that is appropriate for the size of your needs. If you are considering doing some home improvement projects by yourself, PVC pipe might be just what you need and in order to successfully work with it, cutting PVC is necessary!

FAQ For Can You Cut PVC Pipe With A Miter Saw

How do you cut PVC pipes without tools?

When you want to make cuts in your plastic pipe, the best option is by using a miter saw. If this tool isn’t available or if you don’t have any experience with it, then PVC snips are an alternative way of cutting PVC without tools.

PVC snips are a type of tool that has blades designed for cutting plastic pipes and other types of materials. They work by creating pressure between the two handles which makes their blades press against each other and cut through your material inconsistent blocks.

What is the easiest way to cut PVC pipe?

The easiest and fastest way to cut PVC pipe is by using a miter saw. However, if you don’t have one or experience with it, then snips are another alternative method of cutting plastic materials like pipes.

How do you cut plastic without cracking it?

When you are cutting plastic with a miter saw or PVC snips, it is important to remember that the ends of your material have to be flat and smooth. It will help if they are cut at an angle since this way no burrs will remain on their surface which could cause problems during future use.

Do you need a special saw to cut PVC?

No, you do not need a special saw to cut PVC. However, it is beneficial if the blade of your miter saw has teeth on both sides and its surface is very smooth since this allows it to make clean cuts without any scratches or burrs left behind which makes this tool perfect for working with these types of materials.

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