Sawzall Vs Chainsaw

After coming across a pile of logs & branches, you might be thinking about utilizing a power Saw. Both Sawzall & chainsaw are pretty functional. “When to use a Sawzall?” “Can A chainsaw cut down the whole tree?”

These queries might have popped up in your mind. As a beginner, it might be hard to differentiate between them. That’s why we have brought a whole article on Sawzall Vs Chainsaw, where we will highlight their basic differences. So beginners, don’t waste your time and check out which Saw Will Suit your purpose the most!

What Is A Chainsaw? 

Whether it’s a professional carpenter or a DIYer, he might have a chainsaw in his workshop. It’s a motor-powered saw composed of a rotating chain of tiny blades. This rotating chain is capable of trimming a wide range of logs & branches. Due to their flexible & versatile design, chainsaws are notable for slicing everything, including small brushes and enormous trees & branches. 

What Is Sawzall: Is Sawzall & Reciprocating Saw Same?

When I talk about Sawzall, I begin to visualize reciprocating saw. 

“Is the Sawzall the same as the reciprocating saw?”

 “Is there any difference between a Sawzall and a reciprocating saw?”

Sawzall is a brand that is mainly associated with producing reciprocating saws. The renowned brand Milwaukee at first created the Sawzall reciprocating saw lineup in 1951. 

Sawzall is a highly efficient power tool to ensure wood, PVC & metal trimming with maximum convenience & minimum effort. It is equipped with a reciprocating saw blade & motor to ensure straight as well as deep cuts. As reciprocating saws offer precise cuts, they are more suitable for pruning branches & trimming limbs.

Sawzall Vs Chainsaw: Check Their Basic Differences Now!

In order to differentiate between a Sawzall & chainsaw, we have highlighted five significant criteria. I bet you will get a good idea on Sawzall Vs Chainsaw, once you look into our content below!


Both Sawzall and chainsaw are highly functional in trimming woods. In a wholesome comparison, the chainsaw is more suitable for large-scale tasks. Meanwhile, we prefer Sawzall for small tasks. The chainsaw has a wide cutting length which makes it capable of cutting down an entire tree. Sawzall’s small blade can easily fit within a tight space and provide the accuracy you would love.


I think you can already guess that reciprocating saws offer superb accuracy. So, users prefer Sawzall for pruning small branches. On the contrary, go for chainsaws for rough trimming.


The chainsaws are a loud tool, especially when they are trimming through large logs & limbs. All professionals advise you to use ear protection while using this saw. Sawzalls are relatively quiet in nature than a chainsaw. As it has a small blade & motor, having a reduced sound level is pretty natural. 


If a carpenter owns a chainsaw, he has to maintain it over time. Oiling and sharpening the teeth are basic maintenance to keep the tool functional. Meanwhile, the reciprocating saws are convenient to maintain. Just alter or sharpen the blade from time to time.


Safety is an important factor to consider, especially if you are a newbie. As chainsaws are powerful and offer enormous speed, they are pretty dangerous. On the other hand, reciprocating saws are relatively safe for regular usage.


When it comes to price, buyers will face a huge difference between Sawzall vs Chainsaw. A premium quality Sawzall will cost $200 maximally. On the contrary, a cheap chainsaw will cost more than $180, whereas premium ones may cost around $400 or more. Thus, if you have a tight budget, a reciprocating saw is the best option out there. 

Can a Sawzall trim a big tree? 

Sawzalls are basically designed for pruning logs & small branches. However, these reciprocating saws are capable of trimming up to 12-inches. This diameter can differ depending on the diameter of the blade & the efficiency of the motor. 

Can you trim cast iron with an angle grinder?

If you need to trim cast iron, an angle grinder will probably be the best option. It will allow you to make precise cuts on the cast iron. Trust me; they offer the best finish at the right place. 

Final Verdict 

After going through our content on ‘Sawzall Vs Chainsaw’, I believe you already got an idea about which one to choose. If you have a large project and have enough budget, go for a high-quality chainsaw. If you want a hassle-free tool within an affordable range, Sawzall would be an excellent choice.

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