how to sharpen a pickaroon

If a carpenter took proper care of his picaroon, that could support him for a lifetime. On the contrary, a Blunt-edged picaroon will give you difficulty picking up the logs after chopping for hours. But how to sharpen a pickaroon? A Pickaroon is wood-handled metal-topped equipment to support carpenters in lifting wood chunks and logs daily. In every carpentry shop, you will find one or two picaroons in the corner. 

In this context, we have discussed three significant steps to sharpen and maintain the picaroon. So stay tuned with us for further tips and start lifting logs with superior ease & comfort!

What Is A Pickaroon?

Are you having back pain due to frequent bending while handling wooden logs and chunks? Then picaroon will undoubtedly ease up your backpain. Just sink the picaroon point deeply into the wooden log and gain a high holding power over it. Logging industries love picaroons for fast & convenient hand lifting, loading, or piling of logs & pulpwood.

How To Sharpen A Pickaroon? Check Our Guidelines Right Now!

Sharpening the picaroon point is necessary as it performs the main job of grabbing the wooden piece with superior holding capacity. 

If the point is not sharp enough, it may slip accidentally and end up injuring the lifters as well as other workers by the falling logs. The log lifters may also suffer from severe back wrenching. 

That’s why we have brought a step by step Guidelines to sharpen the picaroon. Check our tips now to enjoy a safe working period!


Firstly go for grinding with the bench grinder smoothly at a sliding motion. In order to avoid fine lines on the head, grind in the circular motion sometimes.

Polish With Sandpaper: 

After grinding the head and picaroon point, you will notice several lines due to constant sliding with the bench grinders. Many professionals prefer to use flap wheels at this point. We would instead go for 60 sandpaper to obtain a smooth finish. 

Once you are done polishing one side of the head, you will undoubtedly notice the difference. After both sides are sanded with 60 sandpaper, you can move to 120 one for better results.

Polish The Handles:

To properly restore your picaroon, we will also advise you to polish the handle with 60 sandpaper to remove wax. Later on, you can apply some linseed oil to the handle to avoid blisters while using the equipment.

Why Would You Need A Pickaroon?

The Pickaroon is a standard tool available in every industry which deals with piles of logs. It will assist in the safe mobilization of logs while giving your back some relief.

What is the major difference between a picaroon and a hookaroon? 

Basically, a hookaroon is a variation of a picaroon with a more curved tip. Its tip will ensure better holding on the logs and wood chunks. So, you can expect a hookaroon to give better hold & firmness than the usual picaroons. 

Final Words

For the utmost convenience of industrial workers, we have discussed a detailed process on how to sharpen a pickaroon? I believe our article was a helpful one to lead you to a functional picaroon for the convenient lifting of wood chunks. So take your first step now and make your picaroon the same as new.

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