why does your miter saw blade smoke

Today it is a very common question why does your miter saw blade smoke too much? Miter saws use an electric motor that rotates at high speeds which causes friction between metal parts of your blade.

The heat from this friction causes small particles called “swarf” to burn off and create sparks as well as some smoke while it is being cut into smaller pieces by a sharpened miter saw blade spinning with great force around its outer edges – Sparks + Swarf = Smoke!

When cutting dry wood like pine, oak, poplar, etc., there won’t be much smoke, but when cutting wet wood like redwood or cedar there can be a lot more smoke if the blade becomes clogged with sawdust. I hope you got the answer “why does your miter saw blade smoke?”

What to do if your miter saw smokes?

-Clean your blade before and after every use. Clogged blades will cause more smoke to be expelled from the saw while cutting through wet wood.

-Use a high-quality dry lubricant for the insert on your miter saw blade for when you need to cut wet hardwoods like cedar

-Consider switching out with another, less used, or older blade if it becomes too worn down

-Keep your work area well ventilated so that there is plenty of airflow around the saw as it cuts through material, keeping dust particles at bay. This way, you won’t have any clogs in the blade!

Why is my miter saw blade burning wood?

The friction caused by the electric motor and miter saw blade causes heat, which leads to burn and smoke. Burns from dry wood only produce a small amount of smoke, but when cutting wet or resinous woods like pine or redwood there can be more.

To prevent this try cleaning your blade before using it as well as after every use with high-quality lubricant for the insert on your miter saw blades. You should also consider switching out an older/less used blade if they become too worn down so that you don’t have any clogs in the middle of cuts!

How often should you replace miter saw blade?

It totally depends on your uses. The miter saw blade is made of metal and can wear out just like a pair of shoes. For example, if you are cutting hardwoods all day long then it may be time for a new one.

How do you know when you need a new saw blade?

Miter saw blades should be replaced when they start to get dull when the teeth are no longer as sharp. And your blade becomes too worn down and starts to clog up, it can cause more smoke when cutting wet material like redwood or cedar. This is why it’s important to clean your blade before and after each use with a high-quality lubricant for inserting on miter saw blades!

Are more teeth on a saw blade better?

Yes, more teeth on a saw blade are better. More tooth blades will mean that there is less smoke and the cuts will be cleaner. Blades with fewer teeth need to be re-sharpened often which can cause an increase in the number of dust particles emitted from your miter saw while cutting why does my miter saw blade smoke?

This makes it even harder for you to see what you’re doing when trying to make a cut! For this reason, many professionals prefer choosing higher-quality blades over cheaper ones because they have more teeth and are easier to sharpen without losing too much metal material each time.

Is your miter saw blade broken?

If the teeth on a blade become too worn out then they might not cut material well and can break easily. To avoid this happening to yours, clean before use and after every use with high-quality lubricant for the insert of your blades! The best way to tell is by taking a look at them while in motion when there are no longer any front or back teeth which means it’s time to replace it!

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