Who Makes Husqvarna Axes

Husqvarna axes have gained enormous popularity since 2018. Being a beginner, you might have been pretty interested in modern Husqvarna Axes. However, who makes Husqvarna Axes? Is Husqvarna any good?

In this content, we will answer all your possible queries. So stay tuned with us till the end and grab one of the best axes for your workshop now!

Who Makes Husqvarna Axes?

When a Carpenter thinks of the best axes, he will surely come across Husqvarna. Before, Wetterlings used to be their major manufacturer. Now, they have basically outsourced the manufacturing process to the Hultafors Burks axes. Both the manufacturers are pretty efficient as they have been working in this field in Sweden since 1697.

The brands have forged the axes with high-quality, durable Swedish steel and American straight hickory handles. Basically, they have adopted the classic woodworker’s axe design. So, you can expect Husqvarna Carpenter’s Axes to support you for an extended period.

Are Hultafors & Hults Bruk The Same?

Now you might be wondering, Are Hultafor & Hults Bruk similar? Do they function together? Basically, in 1992 Hultafors obtained Hults Bruk. In 2015, the Hult Bruk began to produce and sell their axes for the very first time. If you check out the labelling of those axes, you will notice they are tagged under both Hults Bruk & Hultafors.

Is It Worthy To Invest In The Husqvarna Carpenter’s Axe?

Hultafors manufacture the Husqvarna Carpenter’s Axes. The best thing about Husqvarna axes is that they show equal quality Hults Bruk axes, but Husqvarna axes are relatively cheaper. Check the factors right away to know if they are perfect for the price!


Hultafors have manufactured the head of the Husqvarna Axe with Swedish steel, which is pretty great for the price.  The handles are made of American hickory and ensure a comfortable grip. The handle is around 19-inches long and weighs approximately 2.2 pounds.

Axe Head

Swedish steelhead is the significant component of Husqvarna Axe. Carpenters can utilize these axes for detailing works as its bit profile is pretty narrow. It’s a piece of efficient equipment suitable for chopping trees & their limbs. High cutting edges improve cutting length and penetration.


If we consider the level of comfort, Husqvarna’s handle is one of the best ones out there. Its curves are pretty grippy. The shoulder features a holding point for convenient single-handed operations. 


As the axe is quite sharp, you can expect it to perform general carpentry efficiently. Trimming small trees is a piece of cake for Husqvarna. 

Due to Swedish steel, its sharpness will last for an extended period. Well, you can’t expect to remain sharp forever. That’s why we would advise sharpening it over time.

Axe Or Hatchet: Which One Is Better?

The significant difference between an axe and a hatchet is their function and appearance. Hatchets are relatively smaller than an axe. So, it might be hard to maintain the axe in one hand.

Hand axes offer large heads, where hatchets usually feature narrow ones with a tiny body. Moreover, you can utilize the axes for intermediate chopping jobs where hatchets are best for minor chopping.

Are Husqvarna hatchets Good?

The Husqvarna hatchet is a high-quality premium item suitable for daily usage. Whether it’s regular yard work like clearing, trimming, or anything else, this hatchet will perform incredibly. Trust me; you won’t regret investing in it as it offers much more than its actual price.

Final Words

Many beginners are confused about Who makes Husqvarna Axes? I bet our content has answered all of your queries. So are you going to invest in the Husqvarna axe of Hultafors? I assure you that they are totally worthy of every penny. 

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