Who Makes Stihl Axes
Who Makes Stihl Axes

Who makes Stihl axe? This is a very common question today. Let’s try to know, Andreas Stihl was Established 90 years ago And his aim and vision were to ease people’s work with and in nature. Today, STIHL is the world’s bestselling brand of power tool and leads the market time and again with outstanding innovations. In 1926 Andreas Stihl first designed and develops a chain saw in his small workshop in Stuttgart. Now he is selling chainsaws in over 160 countries.

Nowadays Stihl makes 10 types of axes. all axes are different from each other in shape and size. An axe is an easy-to-use tool for chopping wood, branches, or firewood. They are also easy to use for people who cannot lift heavyweights.

Quick view of Stihl axes

  • Professional Forestry Hatchet
  • Professional Forestry Axe
  • Professional Splitting Axe
  • Professional Splitting Maul
  • Woodcutter Forestry Hatchet
  • Woodcutter Forestry Axe
  • Woodcutter Splitting Maul
  • Polyamide Forestry Hatchet
  • Polyamide Forestry Axe
  • Polyamide Splitting Maul

The axes come in two varieties: splitting and carving, which has a broad blade that is good for chopping or cutting wood into smaller pieces, while the other type of axe can be used to create delicate carvings out of wood like sculptures.

Who makes the best axes in the world?

The best axes in the world are made by whoever is buying them. If you want to have a better experience with your axe, it would be wise to make sure that you purchase one from a company that has been making their products for decades and know what they’re doing when it comes to crafting quality tools. However, there’s no denying that Stihl makes some of the most dependable chainsaws on the market today.

What Is The Difference Between An Axe And Hatchet?

Axe: Axe is a tool with a heavy blade on the head, typically made of metal. The handle runs through the length of steel or wood that is fixed to an axle and can be swung from side to side for chopping. An axe has two blades; one curved edge called “the bit” (usually located near the top) which is used for splitting, and other straight edge called “helve,” also referred to as helve’s neck in some axes which may have a hammering surface instead of cutting teeth but it makes sense if you are using your axe not only for chopping trees.

Hatchet: Hatchets come in different shapes such as just being pointed at both ends like a wedge shape so they’re not as sharp but they have a lot of power, or the blade can be curved back like an axe. A hatchet is easy to use and just one swing will chop through anything that you need too much if you are trying to clear out brush in your yard. It’s also handy because there isn’t much strength needed for using this type of axe so people who aren’t able to lift heavy weights anymore still have the ability to cut wood with ease when chopping firewood or splitting logs into pieces without having any fatigue on their hands.

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