How To Remove Burn marks From Wood Table

A burn mark on the table can damage the entire look of your interior. Whether it’s because of a hot cup of tea, cigarettes, or the use of a woodchopper, removing the burn mark is not easy. Obviously, you can’t repair a table that has become ashes. Still, you can remove minor marks by using several tips and tricks.

In order to help users a bit, we have discussed three different methods along with three exclusive home remedies to remove burn marks from the wood. Once you go through this article, you will get a clear concept of “How to remove burn marks from wood table” So, stop wasting your time and check our exclusive tricks below to make the table look like a new one.

Methods To Remove Burn Marks From Wood: Go Through The Procedure Step By Step!

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Surface Burn Repair:

  • If your table has minor burn marks from a cigarette, using steel wool would be a wise choice. The wool with 0000 marking is marked as the ideal steel wool.
  • After purchasing the wool, take 2.5 ml of mineral oil and scrub it along the grain. If mineral oil is not available for you, try lemon oil instead. We advised to use oil as lubricated wool won’t leave any scratch marks.
  • After 10 to 15 rubs, the mark will fade eventually. Continue this procedure until the burn mark is gone.
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Repair Deep Burns:

  • In order to repair deeper burns (more than 0.32 cm), purchase a fine blade/knife from local stationery shops. Use the blade along the grain to eliminate the damaged portion.
  • Try to smooth the damaged part by rubbing sandpaper along the grain. If the area is not too damaged, you will be able to smooth out the groove.
  • Now take a damp rag and rub it along the surface to remove the small pile of wood. Don’t rub too hard otherwise;, you will end up damaging the wood.
  • Apply linseed oil or tung oil on the burned portion along the grain to reinstate the color. Though tung oil and linseed oil are similar, linseed oil has got a yellow tone.
  • Let the surface dry for several hours as per packaging instructions. Some tung oil packs instruct to remove the oil instead of drying overnight.
  • Apply wood epoxy using a knife on the former burn mark. Mix the chemicals of epoxy as per producer instruction. Rub 80-grit sandpaper across the soaked epoxy to smoothen the surface.
  • At last, you can stain or paint the wood depending on the surrounding surfaces to remove a burn mark from the wooden furniture.

Burn Mark Removal From Dark Wood:

  • You will need a thick paste of baking soda and water to remove scorch marks from the wooden table, especially dark wood. In this context, mix 0.3g baking soda with 0.62 ml water. Stir the mixture with the index finger until reaching proper consistency.
  • Maintaining dry and thick consistency is a must as a watery paste may leave wet stains on the wood surface.
  • Take the thick paste in a clean cloth & rub it on the white burn marks. 2-3 dabs of baking soda paste will do the job efficiently.
  • At last, take furniture polish on the new piece of cloth and rub it along the grain. The polish will help to remove the gritty, thick paste. Thus, the dark wood table will appear like a new one.
Type of WoodHow to remove burn marks from the wood table?
Waxed WoodRub the burn stain with turpentine.
Set a layer of wax after removing burn marks from the wood.
Varnished WoodScrap the damaged portion, fill it with paste, apply some sandpaper and varnish the damaged wood.
Modern LacquersA soft cloth soaked in alcohol or ⅔ of linseed oil and ⅓ of gasoline can remove burn marks from the wood furniture.
Dark woodA paste of baking soda and warm water can remove heat stains from dark wooden furniture.


While discussing “How to remove burn marks from the wood table?” you might be searching for some easy hacks or home remedies. We have highlighted the most common and effective home remedies for removing burn marks from wood in this context.

Is It Possible To Use Toothpaste & Baking Soda To remove burn marks on wood?

If you are worried about “How To Remove Heat Marks From Wood?”,

the mixture of Toothpaste and baking soda can do the job. It is incredible in removing burn stains from wood tables. You will need a sticky homogenous mixture of classic Toothpaste and baking soda. After preparing the paste, apply it to the stain and let it soak for five minutes. At last, wipe the residue with a soft & clean cloth.

Can You Remove burn marks With mayonnaise?

The components of mayonnaise perform incredibly in removing burn marks from wood. It can easily remove minor Marks, and the table looks like a new one. The application of little mayonnaise to the burn portion will do the job. At last, rub it away, and you will be surprised by the fantastic results. For better performance, repeat this trick several times.

A mixture Of Cigarette ash and lemon juice performs Awesome!

The paste of cigarette Ash and lemon juice effectively remove burn marks from the wood tabletop. All you need to do is rub the heat stain with a damp cloth soaked in the mixture. Continue rubbing until the spot seems light.

Final Words

“How To Remove Burn Marks From Wood Table?” It is a frequent query among homemakers as heat stains are pretty common nowadays. Your wood table may have got a burn stain while drinking a cup of tea or from cigarettes

Whatever the reason for the stain, our life hacks will be beneficial in removing them from your wooden table. So, why don’t you try the exclusive tricks and make your tabletop the same as new?

FAQ For Remove Burn Marks Form Wood Table

Can baking soda remove burn marks on wood?

Yes, a mixture of one tablespoon of Toothpaste and two tablespoons of baking soda can do the magic of removing spots from a wood-burn.

Can Toothpaste remove burn marks on wood?

Yes, the ingredients of Toothpaste are pretty effective in removing scorch marks from wooden tables.

Can you paint over burnt wood?

Paint tends to restore burnt damage by blending it with the rest of the areas. However, it would be best if you repaired the damaged areas before painting. 

Otherwise, the paint won’t last long. Surface burns leave a dark heat mark and do not penetrate deep into the wood fibers.

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