I think you are interested in the Makita miter saw stand that’s why you are looking for the best Makita miter saw stand review. Am I right? No worries! You are in the correct place to buy the Makita slide miter saw stand. Also, here you will get the perfect information about the Makita miter saw stand.

Miter saws don’t usually include stands while you buy them. However, to be able to control them comfortably and effectively, you want to set them on a desk or platform. That’s why you want a stand. Other than offering a secure platform to control the saw, it also helps when it comes to mobility.

With that famous, it’s fairly simple to inform that it’s probably the most necessary gadget for anybody who owns a miter saw.

A fast search online will return a big collection of stands with completely different options, and also you may find yourself scratching your head as to which one to decide on.

That’s the reason, in this post, we’ve discussed the best Makita wt05 miter saw stand review which is the best saw on the market, so that you can select essentially the most appropriate one you need to use together with your miter saw.

We recommend Makita WST05 Miter Saw Stand because it has some amazing features and it will provide a durable aluminum feed roller that gives you some extra advantages. So, let’s talk about Makita WST05 Miter Saw Stand.

Quick View Of Best Makita Miter saw Stand

Makita WST06 Folding Miter Saw Stand Makita WST06 Folding Miter Saw Stand
  • Material support extensions extend to 100-1/2″
  • It has two large solid rubber wheels.
  • You may get two durable aluminum feed rollers.
  • Its weight is only 33.7 lbs.
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Makita WST05 Portable Rise Miter Saw Stand Makita WST05 Portable Rise Miter Saw Stand
  • Material support extensions extend up to 106-1/2″.
  • Compact design (46″ folded)
  • Quick and easy job site set up.
  • Weight is only 65 lbs
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How to choose the best miter saw stand

For those who’re in the course of selecting a stand in your miter saw, then you will definitely discover this part of this text very helpful, as a result, I’ve highlighted 7 elements you must think about when shopping for a stand for your Makita compact folding miter stand. Just check out this Makita job site folding miter saw stands review.


You most likely have a wood stationary table in your workhouse the place you’ll be able to place your Makita slide miter saw stand. Most probably, that worktable is fixed, not folding, and it’s very secure.

Unlike most workbenches created from wood stationery, secure elements, most miter saw stands are manufactured from movable steel elements linked along with screws and nuts. Therefore, the necessity for stability.

It’s important that the stand is created from high quality, durable, and strong steel or materials, and that it stays in position rigidly as soon as it’s placed.

You will get some extra adjustable miter saws that will be extremely bulky, that’s why if you find yourself with a nasty stand, you’re not going to finish up comfortably. If the stand is just not steady, it is going to smash and even forestall you from working with it. So, it is extremely vital that you simply select one which stays in place as soon as it’s placed.


A vital function of any miter saw stand ought to have is compatibility. There are a lot of miter saws on the market made by totally different producers. The miter saw you may have been totally different from different ones on the market when it comes to maximum supported weight and measurement.

That’s the reason your stand needs to be made in such a method that it’s suitable with all of the totally different miter saws. So earlier than making your selection, ask or test very nicely and ensure it’s suitable with most or all miter saws, and most significantly, that it’s suitable with the one you may have.

When selecting those on this checklist, we made certain that we selected solely those which can be suitable with most miter saws.

Support Material

Makita stand is normally outfitted with arms material support extensions for assist if you find yourself slicing lengthy elements like support long crown molding.

Most material support extensions normally are available in lengths of 16 ft. So, in case you’re working alone, it could be good if yours have helps that may maintain the excess size in place when you make the slice.

So, when making your selection, examine how lengthy of an element the miter saw stand can help. Some miter saws have eight ft, some have 10 ft material support extensions. The extra size of element it could assist, the higher it’s for you.

Ease of Setup

The considered establishing your miter saw stand to be used shouldn’t trigger you to panic. If it does, then it’s fairly apparent which can be utilizing the incorrect portable stand.

A folding miter saw stand needs to be very simple to arrange to be able to cut back downtime and give attention to the work at hand.

Makita Miter Saw Stand Review


Makita miter stands are not cheap, but this portable miter saw stand from Makita is worth every penny. It will save you hours of wasted time and frustration while helping you get more work done. Plus, it comes with a durable aluminum feed roller and heavyweight capacity that everything you need to start working right away!

The Makita WST05 is a folding miter saw stand with large solid rubber wheels that make it easy to transport and store. The spring-loaded mechanism is engineered for quick and easy setup and its folding legs compact size makes it a great option for smaller spaces or to travel with.

Do you need a better way to do your work than the old way? This portable rise miter saw stand from Makita will change your life forever. Not only does it come with everything you need, but it’s also very affordable, so you won’t have to break the bank to get started.

  • Its foot arm provide support.
  • Also, you will get an adjustable miter.
  • You may get quick-release mounting.
  • You may get perfect folded dimensions.
  • Its adjustable material stop is good from other stands.
  • As we know, weight capacity is good, but it could be improved.
  • Sometimes adjustable foot does not work.

Makita WST06 Folding Miter Saw Stand Review


Looking for a max weight capacity miter saw stand? The Makita WST06 compact folding miter saw stand is lightweight, portable, and made of solid aluminum. It has a large side carrying handle, and a large wheel on the bottom to make it easier to move around your workspace.

With this stand, you can get a wide range of miter cuts without worrying about tipping the miter saw. It also features a “tool-less” adjustable miter saw in the mounting brackets, which makes it easy to adjust the angle of the blade.

This is the perfect tool for the job site. That gives you a feel as tool-less. Plus, with the large side handle, you don’t even need to unload your miter saw from your truck or trailer! Get yours today and start making those miter cuts with ease!

  • It gives you two large solid rubber wheels.
  • Its four legs give you max weight capacity.
  • Base installers are suitable for the universal miter saws.
  • You must clean the mounted bracket holder unless it does not work.
  • It may not reduce vibration.

Is this comparable with xsl06 10” Makita saw?

Yes, Saw will work with this stand. It is an amazing thick stand for tough areas. Seems like your sliding miter saw. Makita created the stand fairly common. The stand specs ought to let you know if it adapts.

What are the shipping dimensions?

46 “x 11” x 10 1\/2 “Know this as a result of I saved the field It solely shipped the unique Makita box with no further delivery box.


The stand represents a superb possibility while you plan to apply it to the Job site. There are just a few traits that suggest it for this objective. For this reason, you`ll have the ability to store it on each plane and vertically however you`ll additionally have the ability to store it as an easy desk on the Job site.

The amazing news is that this job site stand has a superb design and folding legs that’s why you can move this gadget from one area to another area without any problems. And the most important thing is that it can do anyone by himself. Ultimately, you`ll have the ability to transfer your personal stand and enhance your productiveness on the Job site.

With a weight capacity of 220lbs, the stand ought to provide sufficient help for many customers. Though this isn’t the biggest capability in the marketplace, it represents a great choice with one of many saws from the producer which comes with a weight of around 50lbs.

Much more, the power tool represents a great choice in case you plan to make use of it in a number of places as it can let you transfer it with ease.

 Benefits Of Makita miter saw stand

  • You will get an amazing weight capacity which is 220lbs.
  • Also, you will get 58lbs weight.
  • You will get vertical storage.
  • It has a compact design (only 46 “,
  • folding) for easy transportation.

FAQ For Makita miter saw stand

Where To Buy A Makita Miter Saw?

There are various locations where you could purchase a Makita chop saw or different energy instruments. They’re available online at places like Amazon, Tool Station, and Screwfix, that is the best technique to purchase one.

Simply put in your order and look ahead to supply. If you’re on a job and want one shortly, lots of the builders’ retailers inventory Makita as it’s an effectively established model within the constructing commerce.

Very often trades individuals can find themselves in a scenario the place an outdated saw breaks or a unique model is required for a job. In this situation ready for a supply just isn’t a choice. It’s a broadly accessible model.

 Is a miter saw stand necessary?

Most people who use meter saws say so! Employed below, a desk or any other temporary floor can only end up in flaws, especially when working with long items of wood or metal.

As well, engaging on a saw that is not set at the best peak can again take you away with pain.

 How do you mount a miter saw onto a stand?

The mounting brackets using a good miter saw support and {hardware} kits included with a miter saw stand. The stand supports are attached to the power tool, which acts as the lower part of the mitered trim.

The holes created in the four angles of the miter are lined with supports, and the bolts are situated between the holes and secure with nuts. This delivers a safe place to use the miter for general usage.

 Can I use a miter saw stand for a table saw?

Sure but no! Technically you should utilize a folding miter saw stands for a desk saw but it’s best to be additional careful to keep away from potential damage every time you might be utilizing an influence device. Placing a desk tax on a folding miter saw stand might be harmful.

A meter stand shouldn’t be a horizontal power, it’s designed to withstand the vertical power, it may well in all probability press a meter nook stand whether it is used to help a desk saw.

Put money into a separate desk saw power tool or create your personal when you’ve got the talents fairly than taking dangers.

Can You Use A Miter Saw On A Table?

With that being mentioned, let’s get back to our preliminary query. Can you utilize a miter saw on a desk? The quick reply is sure, you may, as it’s a transportable software. For that matter, it’s also possible to apply it to the ground should you want so.

However, don’t shut this web page simply yet, right here’s why you’ll most likely need one thing extra handy than an easy desk. If you want to cut larger wooden pieces then I say no!

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