Ridgid vs Dewalt Miter Saw Stand

Any professional carpenter would realize that the value of a miter saw stand is no less than a classy miter saw. A miter saw stand is actually a stable platform that provides 100% efficiency, speed, and quality performance. 

Either a user needs a smoother finish, precise cut, or comfort; without the perfect miter saw stand, he won’t enjoy the right level of work. So, choosing the best miter saw stand is a must indeed.

Ridgid vs Dewalt Miter Saw Stand; which one will be the best choice? This might be the first question popping in mind after going through thousands of saw stands over the internet.

Both rigid and Dewalt are among the leading brands in the market that have caught Professional’s attention. Thus, being confused about whether to choose a Rigid saw stand or Dewalt one is pretty natural.

This article has highlighted a comparison between Rigid & DeWalt miter saw stand along with their in-depth review. We are sure that after reading this content, you would be sure about which one will be best for the workshop as per your preferences. So, beginners! It’s high time for you to choose the Best stand that will fulfill every woodworking requisite.

What Is The Best Use for Ridgid Miter Saw?

Ridgid vs Dewalt Miter Saw Stand

The Ridgid AC9946 stand looks simple but sleek. It has a guard rail system with integrated push-button clamping for a secure hold to support even the heaviest Jobsite saws up to 60 in and is designed for employees working in confined spaces. 

In addition, it features rubberized feet that provide excellent stability on angled cuts, plus it easily folds down or extends vertically so you can quickly finish your job any way you please.

What Is The Best Use for Dewalt Miter Saw?

Ridgid vs Dewalt Miter Saw Stand

The Dewalt DWX725B stands out among other Dewalt saw stands because it is both tall and sturdy. What that means for the owner is that it can handle long stock reaches without compromising stability.

Additionally, this stand folds for efficient storage. What does “folding” mean? It means you will no longer need to find cumbersome places to keep your large metal workshop tools like earlier versions required. And lastly, this stand includes a non-marring swivel base which ensures your floors or worktops are not damaged when in use.

Ridgid vs Dewalt Miter Saw Stand Features


There are millions of brands out there that offer top-quality saw stands. Can you trust them? Will they even be able to sustain the professional needs? However, some companies like Dewalt And Rigid can provide whatever they have promised during the promotion of their products among all brands.

Well, I don’t plan to brag about them and waste your time. Instead, check the quick comparison below, and you will know why they are considered the best ones in the market and which will be the most suitable stand for you.

STRUCTURESSolid structureSolid structure especially built For heavy-duty
PORTABILITYLittle Heavy but foldableLight and easily foldable
TRANSPORTABILITYWheels present so comfortably to transportIt can be transparent by folding, but no wheel present
SET UPIt takes a bit of timeEasy and fast
CARRYING CAPACITYCannot Handle too muchSpecifically made for heavy-duty


When a beginner attempts to purchase his first saw stand naturally, he wonders, “What to look for in a miter saw stand? How to purchase a miter saw stand?”

A saw stand tends to provide superior support so that a user can efficiently utilize the power tools. A user can’t choose any random stand from the market and expect excellent stability and performance from it. He must invest in a professional miter saw stand to extract the best results. 

Ridgid vs Dewalt Miter Saw Stand, whichever he chose, must have some basic features to fulfill regular requirements. Thus, Before purchasing a saw stand for the home or workplace, several parameters must be considered.

Weighing Capacity

Most miter saw and other power tools are heavy-duty tools. While trimming, a user ends up placing a considerable amount of load on the table. 

So, the stand you will choose for the working site should be weight-bearing enough to support it efficiently. 

Selecting a low weight-bearing stand might spoil the whole work & your investments might even go in vain. So, this parameter Is an essential one to consider.

Lightweight & Portability

Lightweight and portability are some of the most necessary parameters that make the job more accessible than ever before. A user can set up a lightweight stand within minutes. 

High portable miter saw stands make the job faster and easier. He can easily port it from one corner of the work spot to another. 

Well yeah, you might have to pay some more bucks to enjoy such features, but trust they are worthy of investments.


Using a miter saw on the stand will create a certain level of vibration. The saw stand should be stable enough to bear the vibration. 

If the stand doesn’t have superior stability, it won’t be able to withstand the shaking. Instead, the table’s movement will interrupt the trimming causing an uneven finish.

Stand’s Length

The length of the stand is also a significant point to check out. As a professional carpenter, a user might have a wide variety of work. 

In such consequences, he would need a workpiece that can cope up with all types of woodworking requisite. Thus, it would be best to choose a stand that comes with an adjustable length.


In order to start the work at the very beginning, a user needs a stand that is highly compatible with their saw. Nowadays, saw stands are compatible with most saws available in the market. 

However, be sure before making a purchase, as compatibility issues will bring disappointment.

An In-Depth Review On Dewalt & Ridgid Miter Saw Stand

After going through the comparison section, I bet you have an overall idea about which one will be the best choice for your workspace. Ridgid Vs Dewalt Miter Saw Stand;choosing between them is certainly not easy as both of them are pretty efficient in their way. Trust me; you won’t regret investing in either of them as both are noteworthy professional miter saw stands.

In order to provide a better concept, we have given an in-depth review of both of the saw stands. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up & scroll down below for more exciting information!

Ridgid AC9946 Highly Portable Miter Saw Stand

Ridgid vs Dewalt Miter Saw Stand

There is a vast consumer base who were curious about Ridgid miter saw stand review. That’s why we have roamed all over the internet and grabbed authentic information to assist users a bit.

The heavy-duty, classy miter saw stand offers easy transportation as it is equipped with large & high-quality wheels. A customer can set it up within minutes after receiving the delivery. 

You can make the job site relatively easy, comfy, and effective by installing this fantastic saw stand in your workspace. Even though the stand is lightweight, it can carry heavy materials (around 400 pounds).

Also, the brand rigid has included a quick extension lock by which a user can shift extensions far more quickly than ever before. The secondary lock enables the saw to fit with upgraded security. 

Moreover, it has a modern mountain bracket design which is highly suitable for every miter saw the brand in the market.

Either it is compactness, sturdiness, or portability, the Ridgid AC9946 miter saw stand always performs its job marvelously and never fails to amaze the customers. 

Most Professionals have rated it 4.6 out of 5 because of its durability, compactness, and foldability. So, beginners, you can invest in this heavy-duty miter stand without worries. I’m confident that rigid won’t disappoint you at all.

Product Specifications

DimensionsLength: 55″, Width: 22.5″, Height: 33.5″.
Weight57 pounds.
Wheel Size12 inches.
Weight Capacity400 pounds.
Extension Length9 ft. 6 inches.
  • Highly portable.
  • Quite durable.
  • Super Fast extension lock.
  • Stable performance.
  • Large wheels ensure superior mobility.
  • Comparatively heavy (57 lbs).
  • Some customers have faced minor compatibility issues.

Dewalt (DWX725B) High-quality Miter Saw Stand

Ridgid vs Dewalt Miter Saw Stand

Among all the stands available in the online or offline marketplaces, the Dewalt miter saw stand is highly recommended worldwide. 

The specially manufactured it from China by utilizing high-quality materials. Its quality has impressed the carpenters of all time and provided superior comfort in the workplace.

The miter saw stand is lightweight, extremely functional, and highly durable. You can fold it up within some seconds, and it is undoubtedly easy to transport a folded stand. 

The mountain brackets are pretty sturdy and provide superior support to bind the miter saw with the stand. It is primarily compatible with all the powered miter saw brands out there. 

So, a user can quickly set it up without any hassle. The overall features of this product are pretty handy and helpful. If a consumer is looking for a lightweight, highly portable, and easily operable stand, the Dewalt miter saw stand would completely satisfy his needs.

Product Specifications

DimensionsLength: 36″, Width: 11″, Height: 32″.
Weight17 pounds.
Weight Capacity1000 pounds.
  • Heavy-duty stand.
  • Superior portability.
  • Easy to use.
  • Great mountain brackets.
  • A bit expensive.

Final Verdict

Ridgid vs Dewalt Miter Saw Stand, which one is more suitable for the work spot? After coming so far, I bet you are sure that the saw stand will be best as per the preferences. Personally, among these two, we will choose the Dewalt miter saw stand because of its higher weight-bearing capacity and foldability. 

If you are into mobile stands with wheels, choose the Ridgid ac9940 miter saw stand without any hesitation. Trust me, both of them are highly capable and efficient. Last, of all, it’s a personal choice, preference, and budget that will determine your final decision. You can also visit another article where we cover dwx723 vs dwx724 miter saw stand. Go now!


Who makes the best miter saw stand?

There are thousands of companies around the world who are famous for their miter saw stands. Among all of them, choosing the best manufacturer is certainly not easy. Moreover, the opinion may vary from person to person.

However, we consider Dewalt, the best manufacturer for producing the most accurate miter stand by comparing recent products and consumer ratings. A massive fanbase of Dewalt is in love with its compact, compatible & durable saw stands.

Is ridgid a good brand

All of Ridgid’s reviews are 4.5 stars or above on Amazon, which is a pretty good indication that they’re a quality brand.

Are Miter Saw Stands Universal?

They are not universal. Miter Saw Stands are typically specific to the type of saw they are being used with, so you would have to contact designers or developers before purchasing one.

Do I need a stand for my miter saw?

Yes, a miter saw stand is a necessary accessory a user must purchase after getting the best miter saw. A miter saw stands mainly tend to provide a stable platform for superior performance. Even after getting the best saw, your work might lack a professional finish because of not using the suitable miter saw stand.

Naturally, trimming creates much vibration. An ordinary table might not be able to maintain stability. Moreover, the power tools are quite heavy, and a user puts pressure on the table as well. Can an ordinary table/ stand tolerate such heavy tasks?

What is the best DeWALT miter saw stand?

Dewalt is a leading brand worldwide that has produced millions of power tools and accessories to make carpeting easier than ever before. Among all the Dewalt miter saw stands, we consider DeWalt DWX726 Miter Saw Stand as the best item till now. This equipment offers a superior storage solution as a user can fold it in a minute.

Moreover, a user can get this mind-blowing stand at a cheaper rate comparatively (around $199). He can save around $170 by purchasing it instead of Bosch Gravity-Rise while enjoying almost similar facilities. Its compactness, durability, stability & storage solutions are impressive enough to catch the attention of a pro.

Is a miter saw stand necessary?

A miter saw stand is necessary only if you plan to use the tool for any lengthy periods of time. A miter saw stand can be a great addition to any woodworker’s workshop, but it’s not without its quirks.

The rocking base for example causes issues with stability and balance, and since a cutting blade will often hit the edge of a workable which has just been lowered onto the stand, there is always a risk that this could happen.

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