Miter Saw not Cutting Straight

miter saw is very versatile, and it is a go-to power tool for any handyman or craftsman. It allows you to make various angel and compound cuts in your DIY projects.

However, you might face some issues with it also. It is where the question arises that why the miter saw not cutting straight.

Miter saws are unique, but sometimes any technical issues such as – blade damage, bevel locking problem, etc., can cause the miter to cut straight instead of giving the accurate and precious cuts that a miter saw is known for.

So, we scattered the internet and made a short preview article to help us know why my miter saw not cutting straight; moreover, help us solve the problem so that we can start crafting again without any issues if we follow the steps.


Miter saws are very flexible and durable saws that, as a craftsman, you need to have at your disposal. But at a few points, you may notice that the miter saw is not cutting straight.

This issue can hamper your accuracy while cutting; moreover, it is also dangerous to use. As the blade can spin out and hurt you, or the sudden stopping of the saw can cause you to lose symmetry and fall on the sharp edge. Firstly you need to know what are the reasons that your saw is not cutting straight –

  • Blade damaged
  • Fence being unstable
  • Malfunction in the miter gauge
  • Bevel gauge breaking

It is a summary of why you are facing the issue; now, let us see each cause separately –

Blade – The power tool is all about the knife. It is what makes your crafting possible and allows you to finish your DIY projects. If the edge of your miter is damaged in any way, you will not be able to work on your wood-crafting projects. The blade can be damaged by a simple shift while working. It can also be injured while installation and can cause issues for your work. A miter saw’s damaged blade will not allow you to cut lumber as efficiently and preciously as you would have wanted. The first thing that you require to know is why miter saw not cutting straight check the device’s blade.

Fence alignment –The miter saw fence allows you to hold the piece of oak in place while you cut it with the blade. It is the reason your workpiece cuts are precious and accurate. If the fence alignment is messed up, the cuts will not be perfect, making you’re crafting uneven and inaccurate. However, it is hard to tell if the fence alignment is out of place. But if you are a craftsman who uses miter saws for a long time, you will tell when your cuts are not even. So, you need to keep a close eye while cutting; if the stakes are out of line, then the fence needs an alignment.

Checking for miter gauge malfunction –The miter gauge is not an issue when making simple cuts; however, if you are making compound miter cuts on the oak and the indicator is malfunctioning, it hampers your productivity. When you feel that my miter saw not cutting straight as before, you have to check everything on the device. This inspection also includes the miter gauge, although it is not a significant reason why the miter saw not cutting straight that you have, it should be checked. While you are studying this part of your device, ensure that it is in the right position, and it could be in the place when it came from the factory. It can shift work, so; you have to be careful to get the lumber’s perfect square angle cuts.

Bevel angle –The bevel of a miter saw is a very crucial part of the device. It allows you to make bevel cuts on various angles of the oak. However, it can malfunction at any time. Another thing is that there are multiple reasons why you are getting straight bevel cuts on the lumber. Moreover, it can be a combination of two problems.

Mainly four problems are making your miter saw not cutting straight of bevel, and those are –

  • First is the blade; a miter saw has a high power blade torque for you to rip through wood like butter easily. However, if the edge is damaged, so to say – bent in the package, broken teeth, or does not fit the saw properly and you have to force it in place, then it can damage the blade. It is one of the reasons why your bevel cuts are not accurate.
  • The fence also causes this issue. If the fence’s alignment shifts for any reason, you will get the perfect square cuts on the wood. It is hard to see if you are not used to running a miter saw, but the fence alignment can be the cause for not getting straight bevel cuts.
  • Next is the miter gauge malfunction. It is a fraction issue but needs to be looked at when you are checking the device. The gauge can shift position, which can cause your bevel cuts to be inaccurate.
  • Lastly, it is the bevel gauge. It may be last, but it is the first thing you should check when your miter saw not cutting straight bevel cuts. The bevel gauge is like the miter gauge. It can shift or get preset, which hampers your angle cuts.

How to Solve the Problem

Before you start solving your miter saw problem, you need to find which part is malfunctioning. When the defect finds, then you can use the necessary measures to resolve that issue. Moreover, each case has different ways to solve why a miter saw not cutting straight, and you have to do the following to solve your miter saw issue –

  • What way are you cutting makes a lot of difference as trying to cut at an awkward angle can damage the blade? If the edge of the miter saw is damaged, replace the blade. It is the easiest solution for this issue with your saw.
  • What is the angle that you are trying to make bevel cuts on the oak? If the tip is the issue, reset the rise to 0 degrees. It will reset the device, and then you can preset it again with custom angles that you need
  • If the miter gauge is the problem, which is a minor issue, then replace the meter. It is  easier than buying a new device.
  • The fence can cause trouble. It is why you get perfect square cuts on the wood. However,  if  the fence angle is the shift, then you will get accurate square cuts. In this case, you can  reset the tip and then set it again as you want it to be for that particular project.

Tips for Tuning Up and Calibrating Your Miter Saw

A miter saw delivers you with the precious bevel cuts and miter cuts on your wood-crafting projects. But, it would help if you kept your miter always saw ready to start working. That is why you have a tune and calibrate your miter saw in the best way possible. So, we came up with some pointers for you to keep your miter saw at top gear and ready to be used on any piece of lumber.

Keep your saw clean – Miter saws are a convenient power tool, and you need to keep them as clean as possible as your livelihood is dependent on them. You can use an air compressor with the nozzle to get into narrow places of the device. During crafting, wood chips and dust tends to get stuck in those places. You have to clean them so that sawdust does not get into the machine and damage the electronics. Then, you can wipe the whole device with a wet or damp cloth. It is for removing the excess sawdust that is on the device after the air compressor was using. After that, you have used a dry cloth to soak the excess water on the mechanism.

Check the Blade – Before you start calibrating your power tool check your miter saw’s blade for any damage. For example – is the edge sharp, is any teeth broken, is the blade bent in any way. You have to clean your knife, and if there is any issue with it, you will have to change it. You can get many sizes of the blade in the market, starting from 10 inches to inches with 60 to 72 ripping teeth.

Check fence alignment – The fence of your miter blade allows you to get precious square cuts along with the wood. The newer versions of the miter saws have stable, sturdy, and flat table. If the table is ok, make sure that the fence’s alignment at the edge is straight. You can use a metal straight-edge along the length to check the alignment is good or not. Then you will need two sets of screws, one half on the right and one half on the left. These knobs will allow you to loosen or tighten your fence to make necessary alignments.

Check the miter angle – Once the fence aligns, you have to set the miter angle before starting carving wood. First, you have set the bevel to 0 degrees, then begin calibrating the miter angle. At first, set the minter angle to 0 degrees in the beginning, then unplug the device. Then on the flat table, place the rafter layout square and lower the saw until you have the blade at the lowest position possible. Then adjust the miter knobs according to your preference.

Check the bevel angle – Miter saw’s bevels can be adjusted up to 45 degrees on both rights and left. When you set the bevel angle to 0 degrees to square the table, another tip should be accurate. If you need to check if the bevel angle is precious, place the square on edge. But, check if there is any gap between the yard and the blade of the saw. Then loosen the bevel adjusting knob and adjust the bevel at whichever angle you prefer.

Check the blade guard – The blade guard provides you with the necessary protection while the saw blade is exposed. It has a spring-loaded mechanism that can quickly lose alignment. So, before you use it, test the action of the guard.

Frequently Asked Question

How to Adjust Miter Saw Blade?

First, loosen the bevel and slide the blade in place. After that, slowly adjust the bevel until the edge and the bevel makes contact with the speed square. Then tighten the handle and pull the knobs to lock the blade in place.

How do you align a miter saw?

This process is discussing above; however, firstly, adjust the fence if you want it short. Then comes the miter angles after that the bevel angles. When all the tips are changed, you will have an aligned miter saw in your hand.

What is the five cut method?

The five cut method is you have first cut the sides and go back to the earlier position then remove the edges to remove a narrow piece, which is the 5th cut. Then mark both places.

Why is my miter cuts off?

If your miter cuts are off, then generally, it is because your blade was not 90 degrees from the base or the table. It is a compound angle cut, not a miter cut, if the edge is perpendicular to the ground.

Do all miter saw make bevel cuts?

All miter saws use a circular saw, which allows you to make both miter cuts and bevel cuts. However, if you want the precious bevel cuts on your oak, then you will have to calibrate the bevel angle for that particular piece.

How do you adjust a miter saw for accurate cuts?

If you want precious accurate cuts with your miter saw, you will have to make sure that every angle is adequately adjusted. From the blade to the bevel, all parts need to be aligned and adjusted to get the workpiece’s accurate cuts.

Can a miter saw make straight cuts?

Power tools such as miter saws are known to make angled cuts along the workpiece. However, the miter saws can also make straight crosscuts on the wood. But the blade needs to for that purpose.


Miter saws are an excellent handy power tool. It allows you to make precious and accurate cuts no matter if it is a miter cut or a bevel cut, or a compound cut. Although, you will face some issues if you do not take care of your tool. One problem that we see mostly is why the miter saw not cutting straight.

That is why we researched and came up with some possible reasons for your miter saw not cutting straight. Moreover, we also added a guideline to resolve that issue without running back and forth to your mechanic.

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