Dewalt miter saws are one of the best on the market from all miter brands that you can get; however, before using this saw, you need to know how to unlock the Dewalt miter saw. Before using a miter saw, every handyman or artisan needs to know the basic concepts of unlocking them. This part is essential; moreover, it is mainly for the safety of the user.

If you do not open your miter saw before start cutting, it causes issues such as – unadjusted blades can spin out and injured you, knobs can fall off, and the hole saw will be unusable, the head will not move, and so on. That is why we came to this guide to help you unlock Dewalt miter saws to use this saw to make craftsmen’s careers much easier and efficient.

Miter Saws

Miter saws are accurate, and you can use them to make crosscuts on the lumber. Every handyman or a craftsman needs to have a miter saw in their workshop to make those accurate and precious cuts on the oak. 

miter saw comes in handy when you are trying to make accurate and clean cuts and wood; moreover, these devices are very real and easy to handle. These types of saws prefer by both professionals and someone new to woodworks or DIY.

miter saw provides you with many features such as – rail guard, blade guard, blades for different types of cuts on various angles. You also get guiding rails, fence systems, adjustable bevel, and angle system; moreover, some even come with a laser driving feature, which allows you to show your blades where you want the cuts to be without any issues.

Dewalt Miter Saws

Dewalt is well known for making special, accurate, portable, easy to use, and also affordable price miter saws with many unique features that you cannot get on a budget. 

It has been on the scene for more than 70 years. And it still recognizes as one of the best on the market for power tools.

Dewalt always raises the bar with their new and improved features such as – increased cutting capacity, higher accuracy, safety equipment, integral lighting, dual bevel, power supply, and more blade variations with much more durable parts.



Head unlock – The first thing you need to open Dewalt miter saw is to release the head of the device. The head is the guiding handle of the tool. That allows you to bring the blade rise and down. 

It also guides your edge when you are cutting. That acts on a lever arm on the blade. When you check the top’s device, you will find a small knob that keeps the head locked in the machine. 

All you need is to apply some pressure on the knob lock to unlock the device you are using; however, some Dewalt models come with a knob and a pin.


Dewalt is of the first choices when it comes to a power tool. You can ask any woodworker for a suggestion, and almost everyone will name a Dewalt miter saw in their list. It is indisputably one of the most reliable miter saws that any professional or a beginner can get to jump-start their wood crafting carrier.

Dewalt miter saws are one of those saws that need to prepare before using. This process only takes place once when you buy it. There are few steps to unlock compound sliding miter saw, and we are here to show step by step to do it –

In that case, you will have to move the hook, which allows you to unlock the head using the knob.

Push and Down lock – For almost every Dewalt miter saw, you can buy a down lock pin controlled by a knob. If you want to unlock Dewalt miter saw, you have used this single knob, which allows you to access the down lock mechanism; moreover, you do not need too much pressure or any skill to use it. You will also find on your Dewalt miter saws is a push lock, which is controlled by a simple pin or a knob. It is like the down lock feature. You have to apply little pressure to unlock your device.

Angle lock unlocking – Most miter saws on the market give you the flexibility to make accurate and precious angle cuts on the wood. It is also the same case with the Dewalt miter saws; however, you need to preset the angle lock mechanism for the angle cutting feature. The angle lock of the devices has at the front side of the saw. It would be best if you unlocked it before you start making angle cuts on the wood. You need to find the knob that has locked the angle lock; moreover, some Dewalt saws’ models come with both a pin and a knob. If you want to unlock your device’s custom angle lock, then push or put pressure on the knob or the pin, whichever comes first. That will open the angle lock, and you will step forward to unlock your device.

Unlocking knurled knob – The knurled knob lock is one of the most common locking systems that you will find in almost every Dewalt saws; moreover, it is the easiest thing to unlock the miter saw that is twisting one single knob. When you try to unlock it, you will have to twist the knurled knob and twist it counterclockwise. Do not rotate it anti-clockwise direction as it will only lock the model’s knob more. This process will unlock Dewalt miter saws knurled knob very easily and quickly.

Bevel unlocking – If you are a handyman or craftsman, then you are familiar with bevel cuts. Miter saws help you to make bevel cuts on the wood; however, you need to unlock the bevel lock on your Dewalt miter saw to have this feature. If your miter the saw is designed so that the bevel does not lift or fixed, then there is no need for you to go through unlocking it. But if you can set the tilting angle, you will need to open the bevel. Most miter saws allow you to cut 45 degrees and 90 degrees bevel cut on your wood projects.

First, set the tilting position; you will have to slide the stopping pin attached to your miter saw to do this. Then push the hook, which will allow you to set the tilting angle, which means you have unlock Dewalt miter saws bevel, and you can set it up as you want it.

Base unlocking – Some miter saws today come with a base that is generally attached to the device’s main body. It is movable, and you can move the ground to set it up according to your needs. If you have a model with a movable base, you will have to unlock it to use your miter saw; moreover, you will need it to set up your position to cut the oak. You will see a knob in the base with which you can unlock it. Just twist the knob, and this will allow you to move the ground according to your preferences. Once you have this done, you have successfully unlocked the miter saws base, and the model is ready to use.

Slider unlocks ­– The slider is mostly finding on the Dewalt sliding compound miter saws. You will have to open the slider to use this feature on the sliding saws, which allows you to slide the saw. The sliding option gives you more flexibility, stability, accuracy, and precise cuts as the saw is guiding by a guide rail rather than your hands. If you want to unlock Dewalt miter saw’s sliding the system, then you need to see this step. 

If you want to use the sliding feature on your device, you will have to turn the anti-clockwise knob direction. It releases the slider, which allows you to slide the arm while cutting; moreover, you can lock the slider in place if you want it to be in that certain position for the rest of your DIY project.

Preset Angle lock – It is setting up the angle lock before using. This process is very simple, and it is required if you are using the spring-loaded lever. It would be best to push your index finger or middle finger to set the lock lever, and you can use it.

Lock and swivel – The swivel and the lock need to be unlocked before you start presetting the angle lock. You have to rotate the handle before activating the lever, which allows you to custom adjust the angle to be preset. When you have set the angle, you will hear a clicking sound. The sound indicates that the pitch has been assigning to your desired position, and you can secure it in place with the knurled knob.

Troubleshoot Dewalt Miter Saw

Dewalt miter saws are one the best power tool that you can get on the market. But it would help if you unlocked Dewalt miter saws to use it. You can use the above guideline to do it; however, you may face issues even after you have opened it. You can troubleshoot some of the problems like this –

Miter saw’s lift issue – A miter saw head needs to lift so that you can put a piece of lumber under it to cut it; however, the head does not raise even after you have an unlock Dewalt miter saw at your disposal. You can freely resolve that issue by turning or twisting the pin in an inward or outward movement. It will release the plug from the socket, and the miter saw will automatically lift. But you still have that problem, which means that you have twisted the pic in the wrong direction of that specific model. Every model of the Dewalt saw’s has a different locking pin or knob rotating direction. Read the box’s suggestion that the device came in si that you get well informed before applying the method.

Stuck Dewalt miter saw issue – Jamming in power tools is no new issue. The same goes for the Dewalt miter saws. Even though these high-quality power tools but it is immune to such problems. A miter saw can get stuck while you are cutting, and it mainly happens due to not releasing the bevel when you are working; moreover, this bevel release process needs to remember if you are using a sliding or a compound miter saw. You must know how to unstuck your device because non-of us wants get stalled while working on a wood crafting project. You need to make the required adjustments on the angles so that the device does not get stuck; moreover, this type of issue sometimes happens due to dust build-up and the unclean blade.

The saw is not turning on – Your device may turn off and will not turn back on sometimes. Any reason can cause this issue, and one can solve it if you unlock Dewalt miter saw that you are using. When you want to use your machine, the lock-off button needs to be released. The lock-off button activates when you are not releasing the trigger of the device. This constantly pressed trigger causes the machine to shut down automatically. Another thing is the battery if you use a cordless miter saw; however, the indicator will show how much power you got left.

You can also check if you have a corded miter saw that it is damaged or not. Check if the cord is somehow winded or injured, which sometimes causes power failure to the device and shuts it down. If non-of the things happened to your device, then it is an internal issue, and you need it in for repairs or contact Dewalt directly for replacement or repairs.

Rotation problem – These issues are very frustrating as the saw is not working as efficiently as before. If you are troubleshooting this issue, then you need to check on few things such as – dust build-up, mechanism locking, and maintenance problems. There are few safest locks that you need to release to unlock Dewalt miter saw that you are using to rotate as usual. If you are facing this problem, try doing this process.

Another thing is the build-up of dust. When you are working with, there are many sawdust, wood chips flying here and there. This dust can easily build-up under the fence, rails, turntable. It can cause your saw to perform less efficiently than when you bought it. To avoid such a situation with your device, you need to vacuum every possible space on your device and in your workplace; moreover, you can use compressed air, which blows all the dust out in one go.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unlock Dewalt miter saw?

There are different ways to unlock Dewalt miter saws. We have discussed this above, so take a look at that guideline; however, if you want it in short, use the knobs of the device to unlock the head, angle lock, sliders, and bevel. That will open the Dewalt miter saw, which you have at your disposal; moreover, you will be able to make necessary adjustments to the angle. The bevel after you have unlock the Dewalt miter saw a model that you have.

What is the best Mitre saw for home use?

The best miter saw for you if you are a home crafter then you will need something that has medium power range and compact; moreover, you should get the flexibility to make a variety of cuts with it, and it has to be in your budget. So here some of the devices that we recommend you to check out –

  • The Dewalt DWS779 compound saw sliding
  • The Dewalt DWS780 corded miter saw
  • Dewalt DWS709 sliding compound miter saw
  • Bosch GCM12SD miter saw
How do you adjust a Dewalt miter saw?

The Dewalt miter saw gives you the flexibility to make all the necessary adjustments that you can make on a miter saw. First, you will have to unlock the Dewalt miter saw you are using to get the adjustments features. From the blade to the angle, bevel, and even the fence system is adjustable, and you can easily do it by twisting and turning some knobs that connect this locking mechanism with the saw.

Does Dewalt DWS779 have a laser?

DWS779 is the older model that the Dewalt had, and now it has been replaced with the newer model, the DWS780. The DWS779 does not come with a laser guiding feature; however, it has an integrated cutline blade positioning system that allows you to position the blade where you want to cut the wood. As the mode of operation on 120V and 60Hz plugging into a traditional outlet so the manufacturers did not include the laser system as it will consume extra power from the blade.

Do I need a laser on my miter saw?

Do you need a laser on your miter saw or not depends on you? The laser feature gives you the extra help which you might need while working on your DIY projects. It helps you to have a guideline along with the wood of where you want to cut. The laser system enables you to make the most accurate cuts that you can get and be as precious as you can get; however, this feature is just a show for you if you are a professional touch. So, do you need a laser on your miter saw? Is it completely up to you if you need it or not?

Is Dewalt DWS779 discontinued?

The Dewalt DWS779 was the previous locks version that the company came up with, which gives you higher cutting capacity; moreover, the device was durable and used on almost all types of materials; however, now it is discontinued. The Dewalt manufacturers decided that they would stop the old model and features of the DWS779, and they came up with a newer version, the DWS780. The DWS780 replaced the DWS779 with more recent components and higher quality materials.

Do Dewalt miter saws have lasers? 

In today’s market, almost every miter saw comes with a laser guiding feature. The laser gives you the proper guideline on the wood. It allows you to mark where you want to cut the wood and acts as a second helping hand, which helps you make accurate cuts and the wood. Considering the Dewalt miter saws, not all models of the Dewalt saws come with a laser system. For example – Dewalt DW7187 comes with a bright laser system, which helps you to get precious and accurate cuts along with the oak.


Miter saws are the main tool for any handyman or craftsman. A miter saw can make any wood worker’s life so much easier and efficient. If you have a miter, saw at your workshop, and just bought it, you need to unlock Dewalt miter saw. 

That is why we came forth with this article you help you with a step-by-step guideline to unlocking your Dewalt miter saw. If you do not open the necessary knobs, the saw will not work properly; moreover, you will not be able to use all the features of the saw as efficiently as you could have if you do not know how to unlock Dewalt miter saw that you have at your disposal.

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